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    Social distancing: The new trend to be followed in life

    Social distancing the new buzzword that we heard after the outbreak of COVID-19 or pandemic is termed to be one of the best way for people in slowing down and or preventing the spread of the virus. In this way, we will be able to stop the chains of transmission of the virus and prevent new ones from emerging and save lives. The government is emphasizing in following it and everyone has to play their role in protecting themselves, their family and the country by following it.

    Now, after the pandemic gets over, we will again become social and have gatherings, exchange greetings, have functions, etc and that is fine for a good bounding between people and families. Here I mean to follow the social distancing from media(social, news, print, etc) that spreads hatred, social distancing from people or organizations that spread differences, from groups that follow blindly and politics that play the divide and rule.

    As we are learning and maintaining the social distance during the pandemic for the safety of ours and our family, let us continue social distancing from such bad viruses/termites that eats from within by consciously increasing the physical space between people and cutting their chain of spreading hatred among people/community. Let us maintain social distancing from such hate-monger and let us spread the language of love and peace.

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    Earlier days we all used to feel happy to mix with people and shake hand with them. We used to hug each other. If we are not doing that, people used to say that we are not having courtesy. Now no one is ready to do these. They just say Hai, from a long-distance or say Namaste. No shake hands. Western countries are following our namaste. We should not violate the social distance concept.
    Day by day the cases are increasing and we are mentally getting disturbed. We don't know when things will be normal. Many people are not able to get any work and not getting money.
    The situation is becoming worst and we have to see when things will become normal.

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    Social distancing was practised traditionally in our country generally as a habit and following of traditional behaviour. Many started thinking these things as orthodox and primitive and imitated the western behaviour of handshake, hugging and kissing in public.
    Similarly hygiene system was followed as a sort of traditional behaviour and compliance. Many families still follow these. Generally we Indians wash our hands thoroughly before and after taking food. Footwear was not allowed inside. There will be a vessel with water ready at the entrance so that people entering home from outside have to wash their feet. Taking full body bath is compulsory before visiting temples and places where some functions are conducted. Every temple will have a pond nearby to enable this. In those days temples were the main places where people gathered. So this was followed for hygiene.
    There were many other inbuilt habits which now we can understand clearly as precautions based on hygiene and caution. Unfortunately, as they were not explained to each and everyone and in the midst of contra propaganda it was deliberately misinterpreted as discrimination and booed.
    Life s a cycle and as such we go back to many of our old habits due to compulsion.

    Tail-piece (in lighter vein), a boy lamented that he failed due to the social distancing practiced i exam hall even in those days.

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    Very true. We practised social distancing as customs or traditions which when brought to light was commented to be a way of differentiating or looking down of others. Some things that were made or practised for our good was termed as outdated, a way of suppressing others, male power, etc but now in such pandemics or problems, we run and follow the same old traditions or customs.
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    Earlier, people used to socially boycott the criminals to protect their unity. It's a hight time to revive that practise and maintain a social distance from the things mentioned by the author. During this pandemic, we are habituated to this social distancing norms and must apply it in places where we feel it is important. Individuals make society, therefore it's our collective responsibility to protect society from the people/things that try to disturb the unity and harmony in us.

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    Social distancing was strictly adopted when a female has a period. They were kept in isolation during the period with separate plates and glasses. She remains untouched for three days. Her boundary was marked with a long wooden or steel rods. Ulakai, a wooden instrument to pound the grains used to be placed as a boundary mark. Such is not the case now with the availability of 'Care Free' . All are distance free. Now, with the Corona, we are compelled to maintain social distance, and we have become untouchable to all.
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    The author has given a good message in his post. We must create social distancing from the people who spread hate in communities. Further, we must keep ourselves away from the vices and bad manners in our lives. That would be a true social distancing.
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    Social distancing was practised from years but as we move forward many of the customs and traditions were looked down as a way and means to over others, you can say men or women or certain caste or religion or sect, etc. Her I would like to focus on using social distancing from hatred, greed, gossip, hurting others, divide and rule, political and religious division, etc.
    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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