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    Unbox the school box

    Most of the time we see our editors setting contests looking out for keywords to get best results. Their efforts are far behind thoughts in most situations. How did the editor choose this topic? What can I write related to the topic? I have two choices, which one to present? These questions linger in our minds.

    Recently we all wrote for the contest on a school box. What were your choices for attempting this contest? A few boxes which came to my mind were - the complaint box and the clutter box as a few boxes were already covered by other members. Those were the geometry box, question box, aluminium box and the lunch box.

    Your comments to add a few boxes which were in your mind and suggest your opinions.
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    Thanks for bringing up this topic. I had it in mind to ask members the same thing because I had mentioned in the announcement of the contest that I thought of at least 10 boxes. I will give my list after 10 responses to this thread or on the 10th day of this thread, whichever is applicable.

    As for concepts for a reward program, these just pop up in my mind from time to time and on a few occasions I have jotted them down in the ISC notebook or in a Google doc. before the thought flies away.

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    I feel pity for a box called Letter Box. No one thought about the box that is available both in schools and houses. I am sure every house will have a letterbox to receive their letters. This is the box that we open and close regularly on a day to day basis. Immediately after returning from outside, we tend to open the box and see whether something has arrived or not.

    I have a letterbox in my village home. As there was no letter for me there for the past few months, a sparrow has made use of the box to have its nest in it. She has delivered a few babies in it. My letterbox has become a delivery box now.

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    Nothing more than that is coming to my mind also. Sometimes I used to carry two lunch boxes. one with lunch and the other with some snacks. So I called it a Complimentary lunch box in my response to that thread. Colour pencil box, sketch pens box are also there which we might have used in our high school studies.
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    The ballot box, this is used in school to choose the captain. Here students learn how to emphasis their voting rights. To maintain the secrecy of their vote. The methodologies followed in regular elections. The campaigning and result announcement strategies. The elections in the real sense are known by students very aptly.
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    Each one's thoughts and presentation are different. Everyone has creative talents in different ways. For me sometimes I get ideas suddenly. I have to post it immediately otherwise I will forget and lose interest also later. Or the revised thoughts and presentation may be entirely different also.
    But many times even if I am a participant I can 'predict' the winning entry. The order only may change. I have experience that something coming naturally to my mind always gets noted and rewarded. But if I prepare deliberately for the sake of posting content or for the sake of contest then that does not come that good.
    Sometimes I also do not get the mind of announcers or selectors. But the world is vast and diverse. We may be right sometimes and wrong many times. We may learn or refuse to learn or ignore. It is our own choice.

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    Have you seen the tools box in schools? It is usually used to repair or unscrew the laptops to repair it. It also can be used to change the stephany of the buses. These are school buses used for transporting children.
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    First aid box, an important kit which is a necessity in schools to overcome the unexpected accidents within the premises. This thought was kindled by one of our members for the school box contest.
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    Since not many members are responding, let me unbox the thoughts of the types of boxes that were on my mind.
    1. Pencil box - the basic one with sharpener, pencil, ruler and eraser.
    2. Paintbox - the Camlin one that we had for the art class.
    3. Geometry box - just couldn't do without it for our Maths class.
    4. Needlework box - we had one for threads and needles and another to keep the bead-headed pins.
    5. Various boxes containing indoor board games like chess; coins and striker for carom; jigsaw puzzles; ping pong balls and shuttlecocks, etc.
    6. Chalk box in the classroom with chalks in a sandy base in a cardboard box
    7. First aid box
    8. Music box - we had a large black box (a chest actually) that contained various instruments that we practised on during our music class, with a group of two or more given a particular instrument to play in a group choir once they were proficient at it.
    9. Lunch box - the main meal mid-way through the day at school.
    10. Snacks box - to enjoy during the short 10-minute recess after the first two classes of the day.

    After the contest winners were announced, I also thought of the box containing the tack pins that were kept in the teacher's desk drawer, to be used when neatly putting up notices on the green fabric board next to the blackboard and to put up charts or work done by the students on the boards at the back of the classroom. I didn't think of the toolbox, likely because as such we did not even know of its existence since it would be somewhere in the school storeroom or office. Also initially did not think of the colour pencil box that Dr Rao mentioned (funny, didn't think of that one!). The ballot box: Sharada, that was a good one- we had it too, to put in our votes to elect the Captain of the House or a class monitor.

    Any more school boxes to unbox?

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    Teacher's kit box where teachers can keep their markers, staplers, scissors, gum bottles in it.
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    1. Chocolate box which is closely visible when children celebrate their birthdays.
    2. Makeup box which is used for the annual day functions by teachers.
    3. Donation box which is used by students as an initiative to collect some money during floods and droughts to support other native states financially.

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    We all forgot one great box.

    That is Moneybox or Cash box. Such boxes are held with the cashier of the shops and hotels. Generally, it is placed inside the drawers of the cashier's table. Despite the cash racks for different denominations, a separate box, either wooden or steel or aluminum to keep the bundled currency notes. Every morning, after opening the hotel or shop, pooja is performed to the photos held the shops and hotels, and they do aarti to the cash box. No other box will get such respect as the moneybox or cash box gets.

    This may not be connected to a school box, but it is relevant to hotels and canteens and stationary shops held in side the school premises. So I feel this an important box to add.

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