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    Is pen mightier than sword?

    Many kings and conquerors believed that they can win the world with their arms and ammunition power by threatening everybody. They did it to some extent but only to get hatred and despise of the people they wanted to rule and many times revolutionary forced killed these conquerors and they were punished for their bad deeds. Power of sword cannot force people to respect or obey the king. So, if someone thinks that war can help in bringing the other people in one's control, it is a wrong feeling. People would never bow to the invaders. On the other hand, power of pen is immense in the sense that it can motivate people, inspire people, and transform the thinking to entirely new horizons. People follow the great leaders who can direct and guide them to make their nation prosper in which everyone is benefited and not only the leader or the king. Pen is definitely mightier than sword. What do the members opine?

    Posted on 4th July 2020 this is my 4th entry for the thread a day contest.
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    This is a topic we discussed at length and many threads have been posted on this subject. To have a good view about this Just Click here to read and enjoy a thread of mine posted in the year 2012.
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    In many cases, it was proved. Srinatha is a very great Telugu poet. He used to visit various kingdoms and show his strength and his kings strengths and winning over them. He did it with the kings who are stronger than his king also. He could achieve this with his poetic skills and power of vocabulary. This is an example to prove that the pen is mightier than the sword. Many people don't like to get scolded and they prefer to get one or two beatings rather than many scoldings. This is also another example for the above proverb.
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    The strength of the pen just as sword lies in the strength of the hands that use it.
    Words like the sword edge can be made sharp and shining to behead the bad things spoiling our lives and society. But when not properly use it can harm self or innocents. That is why for both pen and sword a sheath or cover is given. The user should know when, where and how to use both.
    @SuN #701877, the repetitions are bound to happen when threads are initiated under compulsion and deadline. I have hinted this and other implied issues when I mentioned in a response that 'threads appear to be churned out for the sake of content'. Going on, threads may suffer this fatigue and impact in quality also.

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    If we see the history, many kings and emperors only believed in the power of sword and people obeyed them because of the fear. It was a temporary thing as such kings were many times slaughtered by their own people. So sword is not the solution for everything. We can, by our words and writings, change the minds of the people and make the world a place to live peacefully. The example of Mahatma Gandhi would be relevant in this context as he used non-violence to oust the Britishers from India. Our speeches, writings and other things in black and white many times become more powerful than sword.
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    It is unfortunate that even after knowing these things some emperors or leaders only insist for a war.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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