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    Drive out the negative thoughts from your mind

    Every person will have a brain and he will be thinking about many issues always. We will get negative thoughts as well as positive thoughts based on the mentality of the person.

    Negative thoughts will demotivate us and we may not be successful in our attempts. But positive thoughts will give us a good boost and we will attempt our works with very high enthusiasm. So it is always better to look at the positive side and get motivated so that we will be successful. We all should try to drive out the negative thoughts from our mind. We should see a half-filled glass but not half vacant glass.

    If you are getting any negative thoughts, divert your mind from the subject you are thinking. Read a joke, tell a joke, change the place, go for a little exercise or watch posts on social media. Then negative thoughts that are coming will be stopped.

    Have hope. Never see small problems under a magnifying glass. Never have fear and concentrate on successfully completing the task. Once you start practising this you will come out of negative thoughts successfully.

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    The author is correct. I read a story in this connection. One person who was on the way to another village by walk felt tired. He sat in a dilapilated building found on the way. As he felt hungry he thought it was good if he get some thing to eat. Suddenly a plate of fruits and food came before him. He ate everything without second thought. Than as he felt tired he think it is better to have nice bed there. Suddenly a well decorated bed came before him. He immediately jumped on the bed and start to sleep. But suddenly he start thinking that,' when I think for food I got, I think for bed I got it. Whether it is a work of some witch. If this is the work of witch will it eat me?'. Suddenly a witch appeared before him and killed him.
    So, we have to keep in mind about the results of negative thoughts.

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    We all are human beings and we have some deficiencies and shortcomings and it is natural that sometimes our minds wander in negative territories. As I had been a student of Psychology, I can appreciate this phenomenon but still people with will power and strong determination can get rid of this evil by focussing one's actions in the positive and constructive things. There are many ways to do it. For example keeping good company of friends and having interaction with constructive and positive minded people also helps to attain this.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    It is said that our mind is like a magnet, when we think of positive things, it attracts positive vibes and when we think of negative things, it attracts negative results. So let us use the magnet to attract positive vibes and positive energy that will help us to bloom and fly.

    It is often seen that when we are in trouble or had a bad day, etc, negative thoughts start piling up in our mind and we get depressed and even exhausted that it becomes difficult to get back the power to overcome the negative thoughts that spring up in our mind.

    The writer has given some remedy that can help us to get-through any negative thoughts i.e. by going out with friends, listening to some good music, watch some comedy scenes or shows, go for a long drive, keep yourself busy in gardening, cleaning, cooking, etc. By distracting from the main route, the negative feeling or thoughts will reduce its impact and will slowly subdue. I liked the quote, "Never see small problems under a magnifying glass."

    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    Negative thoughts dirty our mind. Just as negative foods spoil our stomach and lead to various diseases, negative thoughts spoil our mind and led to many problems. As it is not easy to eliminate negative thoughts by pick and choose they have to be eliminated by displacing them. We can displace negative thoughts by filling our mind with positive thoughts.
    It is easier to say, but very difficult to practice. To have positive thought we should be associated and surrounded by positive people, positive things, positive news and positive visuals. Then we should avoid any exposure or contact with negative people, negative surroundings and negative visuals and news. This is very much a requirement during this Covid19 lockdown situation.

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    Every person has some positive thinking and at time the same person can behave or act in a negative way also. No one is perfect in this world. Only ting is one should try to tame one's mind in such a way that it does not manifest negative characters as far as possible. There are some people who always talk positive, act positive and think positive. They are the real breed. They not only get the accolades of the fellow beings but generally success in their lives also. I understand that it is difficult to suppress the negative thoughts in our mind and replace them with the positive ones but still we can try to achieve that and once we try we may get success also.
    Knowledge is power.

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