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    Killing a child is untolerable sin

    We people knowingly or unknowingly do mistakes which could be tolerable but killing children that too killing the child in womb in the name of abortion is untolerable sin and no excuse could be available.
    Yesterday I watched Mahabharat in television. In that last portion Ashwathama on seeing his friend Dhuryodhana also killed in war, got furious and set fire to the tents of Pandavas in order to kill them but all the children of Pandavas were killed in the fire. Seen Pandavas came to kill Ashwathama but on seeing they alive and felt happy all their children died. Further to kill the child in Uthirai's womb Ashwathama applied Brammasthra. Arjuna to prevent the Brammastra attempted to sent brammasthra from his bow. Came Krishna prevent Arjuna by telling if two brammastra met in the sky the disaster to the universe would be high. But Krishna got angry on Ashwathama's killing of infanticide and attempt to kill the child in womb, sent His Chakrayudha and remove his Holy Gem from the forehead of Ashwathama and severely cursed him.
    From this portion,we should learn that God never tolerate the infanticide and abortion on any circumstances.
    It is believed that because of such increase in Sins our universe is facing severe havoc.
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    Getting abortions done is never advisable or good. It is as good as killing a kid. But these days people don't have sentiments like that. They always think about their financial status and whether they take care of a child or not. But the don't plan before conceiving. This is not advisable and no one should encourage such acts by any people. God will never like such acts.
    There are people who are discarding their just born children which is also brutal. How they will survive and who will take care of them? Why the parents are not getting into their minds when they discard their children. A good post from the author referring to the incident that happened in Mahabharat.

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    Definitely no one in this world would agree for killing of child in any manner. That is why the pregnancy tests were avoided in India and made as illegal if some one tries to find which child is being born. The differentiation between male and female child is known earlier and there is every chance of going for abortion. When some couples are praying and spending huge amount for having a child, some are going for abortion not wanting the girl child, Anyway child killing of any manner is highly deplorable and not tolerable. Every educated person who get married must understand that male or female child is the gift of the God and who are we to discard them. Please accept female or male child with great welcome to the family and cherish every moment of their nurturing as children are the light of any family and their legacy.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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