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    Those who strive hard and have a drive would survive

    Life is a big struggle and everyone tries to fight the odds to reach to the goal and achieve the targets. Different people have different schemes and techniques to progress ahead in life and some of them might get success or not depending upon the circumstances and other factors. What makes a person to achieve and get more success in life as compared to another person is always a matter of great conjecture and speculation. If this formula is known everyone in this life would become equally successful. Anyway, this formula is not a hidden secret or a thing so difficult to comprehend. The trick is simply to strive hard for the objectives. When we say strive hard it does not mean that just think of the problem and problem is solved. It actually means that we have to focus and steer our energies and channelise them in a right direction so that our efforts go in a proper direction to yield the expected results. Hard work has no meaning if results are not commensurate. So, planning a work methodically and then working hard for it is what is required to reap the benefits of hard work. Those who can steer their thought process in a positive territory often get benefited like that. The continuous zeal and enthusiasm is required to create such a drive in our life which can accelerate our growth and distinguish our work from the work of other people in the fray. Everywhere competition is there and what is required is the outstanding performance so that the progress and development is guaranteed. Those who strive hard and have a drive for achieving goals in life would survive in this cut-throat world and eventually progress in their lives.

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    There should be drive to strive hard and survive and not at the cost of wasteful expenses to try something and end up with nothing. There are people who have the zeal to create something new from them and they acquire so many things and purchase many things to prove their point of action. But having not getting the desired result they feel like insulted before all and go sulking. So the drive to strive hard should not be the criteria, the drive to strive smart should be our aim so that we should not waste the time of others and at the same time we should register one new finding from our side. And while striving hard keep in mind that we should not be hindrance to others. By doing some late-night innovations and findings, some people are not only disturbing themselves but also causing hardships to others.
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    I agree with the author. But these days we are coming across people who are surviving without any drive or hard work. This may be due to the policies of the government or the corruption in government administration at all levels. A person who is having money can get a seat in good colleges but a student who got a better rank can't get the seat in the same college as he is not having money. A person who can give some bribe can manage to get a good government job. But a person who is struggling hard to get that job can't get that job even though he does well in the interview. For some people, their caste will be a blessing to get a job even though they managed just passing percentage. At the same time for some people, their caste is a curse and the can't get a job even though they perform well because of their caste.
    But if all the conditions are similar for two persons, a person who strives hard and has a drive would survive. A good post from the author.

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    Drive is necessary constituent for progress and prosperity. Many people are very much motivated and are seen working with full zeal. These are the people who generally rise. So, more the drive a person has more chances to succeed.
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    Agreed that drive and strive makes one survive. But why some people do not have that drive? Or, what makes one get that drive? Can drive be equated to motivation? I think so. Some people do not have the drive or motivation sufficient enough to make them move or strive.
    Financial necessity, to have named and reputation, to have command on others, need to get a job or elevation, etc are some of the reasons to give the needed drive to a person to strive hard.

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    Whether a person would have drive somehow depends on his upbringing and family traits also so it is not necessary that everyone would have drive. But my point is that without drive you would not have momentum to go ahead.
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    We can see more competition in every sector and people who are having more drive will have an advantage over others because they know the tips and tricks to manage it effectively by scheduling their time at correct situations. A person who is not having proper Drive will have a lazy life and will not be able to manage their life properly. Such persons will have a failure in life. In recent weeks we have seen an actor got suicide in his home, it is due to lack of drive in his life. A person should not go down, if they are having many ups and downs in life, rather we must fight for the situation. Our world and our country are fighting against COVID Pandemic and people must ensure that we can fight in such conditions.
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    Hard work, dedication, focussed mind and determination along with problem-solving capability and methodic approach is a way to way to success. Many toil hard and run behind their goal but they face many hurdles which crop up like speed-breakers every now and them which breaks them. Those who strive hard with a positive approach will find a drive to survive and succeed. Apart from hard work we also need a bit of luck, support and talent to maintain the success what is achieved. Getting the first break or chance need good support and a bit of luck as it's difficult to crake open the shell so easily but after your first opportunity, it's your talent, your approach, your dedication and passion that keeps you glued to it. It is often referred as a fluke when you achieve at the first time but to maintain the flow or success, you need to keep on winning and proving that it's your hard work and determination that drives you to the survive every time.
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    Luck factor would always be there as no one knows about that and there is no method to find out one's luck. Only when we work hard and do not get commensurate results then we can conclude that we were not lucky in that particular case.
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