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    None of us should waste our time

    We all know that the time will never wait for you. It is always moving only. The time we have is fixed and we will not get a minute extra or less. So we should never waste our time. We should utilise our time in a useful way.

    some people will be talking always about their achievements. But they never think what they are doing now? Some people always get immersed in their earlier failures and go on worrying about that only. But they never realise that they are wasting their time. Instead of worrying for past failures, plan for your future activities and don't leave a single stone unrolled. You will be successful.

    Thinking about the past and getting worried is really a waste of time only.

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    Wasting, any resources, is not right. Especially, those resources, which are limited or fixed in supply and availability. Time is the only resource in this world whose quantity is exactly fixed in daily quota, a resource that cannot be transferred to others, a resource that cannot be recycled or retrieved too.
    Hence Time becomes a unique one and no one can afford to waste it. Once lost, it is lost forever, never retraceable and retrievable or replicable. But Time is there sufficient use of everyone in this world. We never need to worry about someone hoarding our time. It is always supplied to us directly and we have to manage it. Unlike other resources Time can be used in any activity. There is no alternative also to time
    I wonder why our Vedic ancestors did not write a Time Purana or Samayapurana.

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    The value of time cannot be emphasised or rather this has to be employed in a way so as to get some perceptible result in our achievements. It has not to be wasted thinking over our past failures since doing so will further cause wastage of the same. However, we must have inner will to utilise it effectively and without that time management would be a distance reality. The lost part of it cannot be retrieved back. While undertaking any assignment, we need to take a periodical review to see that we are moving in a right way to accomplish it. If such an analysis not undertaken, we may be away from our realistic goal. Any task can be splitted into different components and see how each component is taking its time. If some part has consumed enormous time, we need to compensate it in the next components. A realistic exercise to utilise the time effectively can lead to success.

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    The past is gone, the future is not in our hand but the present is what we need to utilise. We know that every action taken at the right time helps to open new doors. There are times when we tried but failed, we make plans but cannot reach it due to various issues that crop up. Let us take all these as a lesson and live in the present and utilise the present to make it big. Let us work hard, focus on the current situation, condition and things that can help us to reach our destination. If we think of the past, we will be worried and feel low, if we think about our future, we will be tensed or stressed but if we value the present and work in it, it can help us reach our goal and also help us cherish the moment. So let us not waste time by blaming our past or thinking about our future but work hard and concentrate on the present to make it a success.
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    Wasting of time is not recommended to anyone. While small children waste time in having their food as the mother would take the child all around to convince and confuse the child with whole lots of information and showing many things to draw his attention but she would be feeding him anyway. And when the child goes to the school the time is wasted after school hours as they would not return to home as expected and the parents would be worried about the whereabouts. And when the boy becomes grown up and goes to the college, he waste time in chatting with the friends on every occasion giving anxious moments to the parents as the boy failed to understand the value of time and that should be used for studies, And when he gets the job, the same boy tries to postpone the works in hand and try to find time to talk with friends of no use.
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