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    Which habit of yours made you get scolded the most?

    We all have different likings, disliking and habits. We all have a different family environment and varying parent's mindset. But still, we have one thing in common and that is to get scolded by our parents. I have memories of my childhood of getting scolded by my mother for not drinking milk on time. My father used to scold me for walking barefoot on the lawn. Now the generation has changed and my son gets scolded most of the time for drinking lots of water in-between the meals. So, clean the dust on your childhood memories and share the habits that made you get scolded the most.

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    These days I am getting very easily upset and it is raising my temper. Immediately I am getting angry and showing my unhappiness to all. Sometimes this is happening with my sons also. My wife always tells me that this is not a good habit and she will be taking a class for me every day. These days this habit only making me get some scoldings. Otherwise, no one is scolding me for anything.
    I am trying to come out of this habit and I am trying to increase my level of patience. Hope I will be successful and I need not get the scoldings for her after that.

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    I need not wait even a moment to answer this thread. I got scolded and the same continues even today- for my nail biting habit. I used to get scolded by mother, teachers, my wife and my son. I used to get scolded by my doctor also when the nail bite resulted in infection one a few occasions and doctor has to use his needle or knife to puncture and treat it.
    But I don't know even now unconsciously my nails and teeth have close contact when I go brooding.
    In a recent thread on growing nails and hair I had responded "I have never seen my finger nail growing beyond a millimetre. Even without my knowing my teeth does that job. That had landed me many times in difficult situation with nail-bite infection. I used to get scolding from my doctor for this many times. But as habits die hard and bad habits hardly, I am still continuing with this habit."

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    I have often been scolded by my parents, especially my father when I was a child. I am the younger of two brothers, and most of the time it was me who was at the receiving end. Mostly it had to do with studies, when I failed to do my homework, faired badly in the exams or failed to answer his questions while he taught. On occasions, it would often transform into sound beatings. Actually, I was more of a stubborn and ill-tempered then and hence the scolding and thrashings.

    As a father, I am not much into scolding my son. Yes, there have been occasions when I did scold him but they are rare. I remember once when he was too young and was trying to learn to ride his little cycle, I scolded him and soon tears started flowing from his eyes. Ever since I am very careful about how I behave. Interestingly, he is not affected when his mother scolds him. In any case he is a sincere and very well-mannered child, not at all like me when I was his age.

    These days, my better half scolds us more when we are late to respond to her dinner calls. Even today, while I was writing this post, I got an earful from her for not responding to her call for dinner. Was forced to leave the post in between.

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    I used to be scolded by my father, not my mother, for my absent-mindedness. During my childhood, I used to lose my fountain pen and pencils. Also, I used to spoil my shirt pockets with fountain ink. For that, my father scolded me and slso beaten me. Otherwise, I was a damn good boy to my parents. My neighbours used to take me as an example and tell their wards to be like me.

    As a father, I am very strict with my children. I don't hesitate to punish them for their mistakes. If my children lose something, I never raise hands, but I would punish them by asking them to write imposition -" I won't lose it again" (100 times). They are Ph.Ds now.

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    I was considered a sober and nice child for a long time and never got any scolding but things changed drastically when I entered in my class IX and was introduced to a Govt library which was the biggest library in that region and had thousands of books of various kinds not only from Indian writers but all the big writers of the world and many of them were available in Hindi translation also. It was free for all library and 2 books were issued for 15 days. If you return them early you are entitled to take 2 books again. For a person like me who never went out to playground to play or fun with the friends, this was a gold mine and I immediately switched to these great books leaving my children story books (Chandamama, Parag, Panchtantra, Champak, Child's corner in newspaper and many more) aside. This reading spree went for about 6-7 years till I went out for my Post Graduation and my link was broken with that great source of knowledge. This reading transformed me much and I started to discuss everything rationally and logically which neither my parents nor my friends or relatives liked and I was considered an abnormal (not mad) person who argues against everything. During that phase I got scoldings from my parents as well as other people but today most of them (whoever are alive) seek many advices in their life from me by email or phone. Now all of them like me.
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