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    Technological Advances during the lockdown period

    We haven't seen such a pandemic rise in our recent past years. Most of them are totally drained due to the lockdown period and it was difficult for most of them to adjust to the situation. During this time we have seen more companies are changing to the Digital world and offering Work At Home option. At first, it was difficult to start, but gradually it changed and we have adjusted to this condition so far. The advance in technology has helped people to move up with the situation, but it cannot be true for all the people. Bring your thoughts and suggestions for the topic.
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    The advanced technology allowed us to have a better time during this Corona lockdown period. We are able to maintain social distance and at the same time, we are in touch with all our family members, friends and relatives. Thanks to mobile phones. Even though there was a complete lockdown, many IT industries are able to complete their work without any problem and the families of the It professional were happy as there is no loss of job and at the same time these people continued their full efforts of the house itself and seen that no loss to their companies. The Internet helped a lot to know what is happening elsewhere and how are the issues elsewhere.
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    Necessity is the mother of invention. Innovative and enterprising people take advantage of all sorts of situations in the world. Basic business philosophy is driven by that undercurrent only. So, during this time many ideas have been converted in a sound and robust business and these companies are going to be benefited immensely.
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