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    Free time Hobbies makes us engaged

    Due to the busy working schedules, it is difficult to spend some time with the family. All of them will be working in different domains and for most of the men, they are not able to clinch both with office and home and makes their wife more irritated. Spending time with family by doing some free time hobbies with their wife can give more happiness in life. All of them must find some time to spend with their family and it always says that Family is the backbone in our life. Spend your thoughts and views on this topic.
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    A family is a place where our loved ones stay with us. These members stay for years together to share joy, feelings, sorrow. Work hard for our betterment and cater to our needs as and when the situation arises.

    We have to be with our family and we need to spend some time to care and appreciate their work. This will rejuvenate their minds and keep them at ease. Helping each other reduces the burden in single hands. The family stands with us when we are poor or rich, bad or good as it is connected with the hearts of individuals.

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    Playing games and engaging with each other during spare hours with family is a great activity and it is really a source of a great pleasure if one is able to devote some time with family including the old people and kids.
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    Definitely one should give importance to the family also in addition to the office works. Your job you can change but the family can't be changed. People who care for us will be in our family only. So it is our duty to give some sufficient time to the family members so that we will have some relaxation and also our family members will also feel happy for the time we have given them.
    Generally in our family, all members will be spending at least an hour day during the dinner and Saturdays and Sundays we will be planning the activities together only. This is a good practice and all families should do this so that we all will have better understanding with each other.

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