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    Plant a Tree a day makes the Environment Pollution free

    The place we live on Earth now is consisting of dust and pollution. Each day we are getting new Diseases and the cost for the treatment is also increasing day to day life. This breaks the confidence of a family member and they are not able to cap with their income. We must ensure that our next coming generations must be able to come out of this pollution and must feel fresh air inside their home. For that, we must plant a Tree a day in our surroundings and after many ages, our children will be able to lead a peaceful life. What is your view on making our Environment pollution-free? Come up with good suggestions and views.
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    It is true that we have to save the environment by planting trees but in the cities, there is no space at all. People live in apartments where they can only keep plants in pots. A few people may have individual houses but yet growing big trees may create a problem when the branches spread out.
    My suggestions are:
    1. Grow more creepers in apartments. This initiative can be taken by the apartment owner.
    2. Terrace gardening for those who do not have garden space in front of their houses.
    3. Grow tall trees with less shooting branches like teak, coconut than Mango and Jackfruit trees. As the branches spreading out of the compound may not be accepted by neighbours.
    4. Grow more plants in pots which consume less water, so caring becomes easy.

    Lead the leader

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    Our ancestors too thought in the same way as you think of now. They too wanted their future generation to enjoy the fruit of the trees they planted. What happened? We cut all those trees and made the earth look naked without any trees.

    Now you are trying to plant a tree for your future generation. Your future generations also would do the same thing that you did now.

    Nevertheless, let us plant a tree now and let it grow. We may not be there to see it. We do not know how our future generation would treat the trees?

    No life without Sun

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