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    Doing Investments at the right time makes you feel secured

    We are living our life for our kids and we make each little time to devote to our children. If we are able to take care of them, then why we are not able to make the right investments in our life. It is only because we are not saving much enough to make good investments. When certain medical expenses approach, we are not able to make a good decision on it. Doing the investments at the right time gives you financial freedom and it gives good security for our family life. Give your opinion and suggestions on the topic. This is my entry for ISC 13th Birthday Special- A thread a day challenge
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    At the very first savings habit should be cultivated. When savings comes to a certain cushion amount, say about two or three months essential expenses, further savings can be placed in less risky, easy liquidity investments. There need not be any timing for these as these should be continuous and regular as per our capacity to spare amount.
    After the les risky investments reach a certain amount only one should turn to moderate risk and moderate return investments.
    When one indulges in high risk investments there should be timing oninvestment as well as retrieval.

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    We must inculcate the saving habit within the members of the family but the same cannot be implemented unless the head of the family does not implement the same. In fact, whatever payment we are getting, 75 percent is to be utilised for meeting monthly expenses and the rest money is to be kept aside in the bank for the emergency purpose. Thus the commutative amount for a year will take care of your unforeseen circumstances. If still the money could not be utilised, let it grow in the bank with some interest. After a certain period , the saved amount can be deposited in the fixed deposit for the period convenient to you. Such corpus will help you in the critical moment. Hence in our approach, we must adhere to saving habit.

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    Money does not grow on trees and to earn it one has to work hard. So, it is imperative that we should not spend the money unnecessarily by indulging in wasteful activities. If we able to control on our expenses then only we can save money from early stages and create a comfortable corpus for our future.
    Knowledge is power.

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