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    Rise in online education may result in decrease in study abroad aspirants?

    The concept of online education has increased many folds in this pandemic days. Online education is now not limited to school children but has spread across to the colleges and universities for Graduate courses and Post Graduate Courses. Also, some institutions are offering online short term professional courses.

    Top Universities in India, US, Canada, Australia are turning to online education pattern. Hence, in my view, some years down the line number of students relocating to another country for education may see a deep cut.

    Logically seeing this online education scenario, one can observe that if a course is available online, why the students will invest huge money for travelling, accommodation and food expenses?

    Respected members, please provide your insights.

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    People study aboard not just for the subjects. They go abroad for the facilities and ambience of the campuses, the way of teaching and practical assignment, personal interactions with students and professors from across the world, using the infrastructures like library and research centres etc. It is not easy to bring all this on a platter in online education even from the same institutions.
    So students will go abroad for study even when online education is available. Of course the numbers can reduce.

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    I agree with the author. When the university in which you want to study is having the facility of online teaching, you can definitely go for it. But when the course demands, these students may go to the university for a fixed period and complete the practical examination and other required pieces of training. You need not relocate. But the students can go for some months at the end of the course. But I think it is not going to happen in the near future. Once we forget about the Virus and life becomes normal people will start going abroad for studies. It will take a lot of time to get online education 100%. But it will be on raising mode only from now onwards.
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    Online education is an integral part of education mainly due to the pandemic. Once the situation comes normalize all the activities may take it's original shift. It s true that a few short term courses may ramp up but over a period of time the regular courses will be better with a good environment and infrastructure facilities. Presently none of the students can go abroad, so online educational programs are in demand. As suggested by our member students will get back after a year or two.
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    In the current situation, it is true that many would not venture to foreign countries for their higher education. But then it is due to the COVID issue. Online education has nothing to do with it. People are fearful about travelling abroad, considering that no country is safe from coronavirus. In any case, online education is not going to be the norm once things improve on the COVID front. Students will very much like to go back to their schools and colleges once this pandemic is over. Online education is no replacement for formal schooling or colleges. One's learning will be very shallow if it is only through online education. One needs to attend a proper school or college for all-round learning. So just wait for the things to get normal and there again will be a big rush for going abroad for higher education.
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    The whole world is affected by the present virus threat and many educational institutions have no alternative except to go for online mode. This would be in one way beneficial as the expenses on boarding, lodging, and transport would not be there for the students who are seeking educational courses from the outside institutions but at the same time a big set back also for them as the main reason for students to go abroad was to get a job there itself.
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    In fact it is the good sign for the country as the intellectual future students are being lured by foreign universities either too and now they are offering online education which may not interest the Indian students who actually wants to enjoy the environs and later the job and not for studies alone. If that is defeated then they going to foreign studies does not arise and taking online education from them is not big thing. Therefore the future is going to be good for India and Indian higher education as the self reliant India is poised for great progress and we need whole lots of right candidate and intellectuals for the future. This is the turning point in our country as there would be less takers of online education in foreign universities as our own country is going to be Industry centrist education from now onward.
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    Today I read in the newspaper that America is asking foreigners who went there for studies and doing online studies to leave their country and go to their native countries so that they can do online studies from their houses also. I think many Indian students in America may have to make a move to their homeland now as per this latest stand of the government of the USA. So the author is correct that students need not go to foreign countries and they can continue their studies in foreign universities through online.
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    For the next few years, the trend of going abroad will reduce until this disease erases from our country. Up to that time, online education will see a good impact on students, but having class on abroad with personal interactions with the professors helps the students to achieve good career profile and help them to attain a good job. We cannot compare online education with classroom teaching as both are different. Students will go abroad to study for getting good facilities and accommodation and global exposure for their career helps to achieve anything under the sky. Students will have to face challenges and risk in their first year of college and after that, it will be a smooth transition from beginner to advanced.
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    In the current scenario I have my own doubts whether the students would choose online education from the universities abroad. Today in India we have so many good institutions and there is no point in taking up the course from a foreign university. There is going to be a big shift in the perception of the students in this matter. Given a choice I would prefer the local online institutions only.
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    Not in the long run as because students can learn many things by enjoying the culture of the foreign countries physically. The students need to learn many things apart from education.

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