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    Losing Mental Stability can Drive us to Difficult Conditions

    For the past few weeks we are seeing news about the death of an actor, her manager found suicide in their apartment. This happens when there is no one to stand with their situation and not hearing their problems at the right time. Why most people who are having all luxuries in life driving to death, when compared to small labors who are facing tough conditions in their life are getting used to their problems?. A friend or a family friend must hear their problems and must manage to bring such people to drive to succeed in their life. A psychologist can find problems with such obsessions in life and give proper treatment to such problems. Always make sure that you speak to the right person in life. Give your opinions and suggestions.

    This is my entry for the month-end
    TOW contest- Drive
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    Driving crazy is a phrase to show that others or some situations can make someone crazy.
    When a person feels helpless he becomes unbalanced and overtaken by certain fear and scare. This makes the person lose balance and speak and act abnormally. The science behind is not our concern here. However to get him back usually his body and mind are put to calm and rest and he is given confidence by promising help and support.

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    Mental stability is what many find difficult to achieve after a certain period. As mentioned in the post, it is not only people with luxuries that attempt suicides but there are many common men too who have chosen suicide to end their life after repetitive failure or ability to fight back. We have read about our farmers, labours, students, office goers, bankers, teachers, doctors, nurses, sweepers, policemen, etc who have succumbed to suicide after trying their best to survive the current period of repetitive stab or mockery or words or ostracized by family/friends or society. It is very difficult to find ways to tackle the situation when you don't get support from the one whom you believe or depend. We indeed need a person in life with whom we can discuss or share every problem. Be it personal, private, studies, profession, family, love, financial, health, etc which will help them to open up and pour their heart out and feel a bit relaxed and get some moral support. If not for many, at least try to be a shoulder to few who can believe in you and share their problems to get some mental Stability that can drive them through difficult conditions.
    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    The problems of a daily worker will be different from that of a rich man. A daily worker's problem will be mainly around his food, shelter and clothes. Once he had those, he may be a satisfied person. Rich person's problems may be regarding his black money and related issues which he can discuss with none. That is why we see these deaths more in rich and well to do persons only. For every problem, there will be a solution but we should not lose our heart and we should keep trying. It is always better to consult somebody instead of retiring your self from life. Mental stability is really an important factor. If there is a problem with this better to get the help of Psychiatrist and see that one will be normal.
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