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    Never fall, never fail-set an example

    Mother's usually instructed children not to fall while playing. It does not happen always, sometimes children fall and hurt themselves.

    We as grown-ups also should not fall prey to bad habits. If we fall, we should not fall deep into the ocean from where we can never come back. Similarly, we see some students fail in a few subjects, in their exams. It is acceptable.

    We should fail in the exams of life. Life is God's gift. We have to use it for serving humanity. Take care of each step in your lives. Ups and downs are common but our path should be towards attaining our goals.

    Suggest your experiences.

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    Never falling and never-failing is an ideal situation. But ground reality is that we fell, not once but many times and then only we learned to walk. We stuttered many times and then only learned to talk coherently.
    But in adult life it is prudent to take precautions and preparations to avoid or reduce falls and failings. But if we fall or fail we should not become desperate, but take lessons from them and re try with more preparations.

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    One should try always in such a way that they never fail or they never fall. But how practical it is? Many times we may not be able to reach the expected goals. In our initial career also we may not be able to perform the way we wanted. But we will try to improve upon and see that we will have success. But some times there may be a fall. That we should take a lesson to learn and analyse the situation and understand where is the wrong step. We should remember that we shouldn't repeat that mistake again.
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    We also see the leaves falling from trees every year but still, they show up with new tender leaves. They never give up.
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    While learning to ride a bicycle, it is often said that if you don't fall, you won't learn. It means that falling and trying again is the mantra which helps us to learn to ride the bicycle. In the same way, in Life, we cannot learn everything on the first stroke and there will be times when we fall or may have to apply the brake. The fall or brake should not let us down but help us to get-up and try again. The fall should be taken as a step to understand that there are stones or holes that we had not seen and now we need to be careful. In the same way, we may come across many things that are illegal, bad, a trap, etc and we may fall in it but we should be able to come out of it to become more cautious and prepared. There are times when we may fail in our attempt but it should never demotivate us but it should be a way that shows us that there are many other ways or doors that is available or open for us. Let every failure be a lesson and every fall a ladder that takes us near to our goal or success.
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    Opportunities to relieve us from the adversities should be clearly visible. A person who can repent and get back to start a new life after every fall will be a great leader.
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