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    Teaching and mooting by students

    Every school wants to uplift the level of education for name and fame so that they could attract a large number of new admissions. As this is the age of competition and in the field of education money matters a lot. When parents spend a good amount of money on their children's education, they want that the school their children are students whereof should provide them the best of education, moreover, they compare the level of education of different schools also.

    I was thinking how more and more knowledge can be infused into the mind of students a thought came in mind, I'd like to share it with you.

    A: Teaching by students: On every Saturday in all periods two students by turn should teach what has been taught by their teachers in the current week to their class fellows and the subject teacher should supervise this whole process.

    B: Mooting: It's generally performed in law colleges but it's viable in schools/colleges also.

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    The idea of a student teaching the class is feasible and would be a change from the routine. It is possible that this concept is even currently being taken up in some schools where a student teaches a chapter from the textbook. One of the main advantages of such a class would be helping the student to gain the confidence to face a group and overcome stage fright. The supervising teacher at the end of the lesson could also give tips on diction, how to use the tools available (such as the blackboard or a chart) that will help the student in a future career where presentations are important.

    The Moot Court I know about, held in law colleges to give students a first-hand experience of a law court's proceedings. In schools and colleges where the law subject is not one of the courses, a similar experience is that of debates and group discussions. Presenting views and debating on what the opposing team is expounding before a group of judges who are faculty or invited guests is often a part of the on-campus competitive spirit or part of inter-school and inter-collegiate competitions.

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    I know some schools and colleges where students, in turn, will be given a task of teaching the class people. In some schools, they will ask the higher class students to teach the lower class people. That will give the student a good exposure of facing the crowd and delivering. The teachers will also get a chance to understand how many subjects the students absorbed from their teaching. I have seen some schools in Bangalore where the students were asked to make a PowerPoint presentation and present that in the classroom. This will help the student in learning how to make a ppt and also they will get the confidence boosted to face the audience.
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    @Dr Rao

    Thanks for your replies. It's good know that some schools conduct these activities but if all schools start these activities will be good.

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    Good suggestions by author. Actually education should be participative where children should be given a role and this is to be imparted to all of them. Many schools are already doing it.
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