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    Studying is not related to books alone

    "All the time you are playing. When will you study?"
    "Stop day-dreaming and study properly. Your class test is tomorrow."
    "You must learn to focus on your studies. Don't look at what your sister is doing."
    "If you all don't pay attention properly in my class and study well, then you will not do well in your exams."

    How many times we've heard these admonitions, from parents or teachers or others! More often than not we get fed up and irritated, hating the constant nagging to study, study, study...but is studying only related to burying one's head in books to get knowledge of a subject?

    We should consider studying in terms of a learning experience beyond the information that is packed within the pages of a book. For example, you could be working on a team project for a new product and along the way you learn to approach it from different angles, studying it to understand the possible effects it will have on the consumer, on the company's image as a brand, perhaps even other products that can be related to it. Consider something on a simpler level like planting a sapling when you take up gardening as a hobby. You won't necessarily be referring to gardening books or relying on useful tips passed on to you by a friend with a green thumb. You get to study by trial and error whether to put it in a place where there is a lot of sunlight or whether it requires shade for a while, too, and whether it needs water daily or on some days only. Thus, as I stated, studying is not merely gaining knowledge through a book but a learning experience, the learning gained in varied ways, mundane or exciting, slowly or quickly.

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    In our country in ancient times, it was Gurukula system. It was residential system of education. The student has to learn not just the lessons from the texts. But they have to learn the life skills doing the house work and farm work at the Guru's home. They have to accompany Guru o his travels and observe everything and then get it clarified from Guru. Thus it was a wholesome learning.
    Even then it was only a quarter part of learning. Another quarter is self -learning. But one half remains to be learn outside texts and from real life experience.

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    True. Education is not just reading the books, reproducing the same in answer sheets and getting marks and certificates. That may give you an educational qualification. But what we learn should be applied and we should get some practical experience. Then only we can say that we have learnt. It is like seeing a video and making a new dish or making a special dish in which you have some expertise. Once we start implementing what we studied we will start getting many doubts and those should be tackled with the help of a person who had hands-on experience.
    This skill acquiring is very important and then only we say got educated. Knowing the rules of the game will never make you a player. Only when you get into the field and hit the ball you will be called a player. Bookish knowledge is having its own limitations.

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    I think there are two ways of looking at this particular issue. It is very correct that learning should not be only restricted to studying academic books. There are various other ways that we can learn, be it at home, school, playground, garden or elsewhere. The small experiences that we obtain by helping our mother in doing the dishes or tidying the house, or taking part in gardening activities with your father or at school go a long way in building the character of the child. One can say it is more of all-round development of the child that could be of great help when he or she grows up.

    Again, there is another school of thought that says that as a child one should focus on things that are pertaining to him or her. In this case, it is studying and for a few, sports. For this is the time in a student's life, which he or she gets to devote completely to studies and nothing else. As for learning other things, life will automatically teach you when you are in college or job. After all, life is a great teacher and you learn from your everyday experiences. The day you set your foot on your own in this big bad world you automatically start learning. A penguin when it is born is a reluctant learner. But when it is of age, the mother pushes the baby and the young one automatically learns swimming. The same could be true for us humans too.

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    Books contain nothing but information that helps you to pass the examination by answering the questions posed on the information. Going through such information is called studying. But such a study of information won't help to achieve something in our life. We may get a degree in hand, but what is the use, if we haven't learned to perform something. Maybe, such studies will help to teach others. It is like passing the information or sharing the information with others. What is required is learning through studying. After studying the information available in the books, one has to think well and analyze the information. That's what learning. We need to study to learn.
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    I also feel that having academic qualification is not enough. Until we learn some skills through practical work or acquire them through on the job course, our education does not mean anything in this practical world.
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    I am also of the opinion that merely acquiring study degrees does not help us anyway and we should have the knowledge of happenings things around us. We must train the children to know about the politics, how the Industries are managing their demand and supply chain, how the challenging situations in life has to be tackled without seeking the help of others, how to go about new tasks without having any apprehensions and how to learn other sports in spite of not having interest. All these would derive much satisfaction as some thing new is learned apart from the routines.
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    I don't support the school of thought mentioned by Dhruv that states that a child will anyway learn automatically later in life from experiences along the way. As mentioned by him, it is good to have learning experiences beginning from an early age. In fact, encourage the child to study and learn a few things on her own, such as the discovery of ants moving along a uniform path, one behind the other, not stepping out of line, the way the moon plays hide and seek with the clouds; such things develop a healthy curiosity in the child's mind, leading to questions and thus studying through such things that are considered routine by an adult.
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    We are being told to study every time by our elders. It becomes a nag for elders( be it parents, teachers, siblings, neighbours and even relatives) and especially when you are in your 10th, 12th or final year. I have started letting it loose as it is very irritating for teenagers to constantly asking about their studies. We need to understand that studying is not a program that needs to be made but it should be so that it runs on its own. Studying a subject that you don't like is just like mugging it up but you won't remember it afterwards but when you love the subject, even if you pay attention in your class, you can remember it.

    As we progress and start working, many of the subject that we learned may not come in use directly but in a supporting way. We may learn a new way of approach, new strategy, a new concept, new direction, etc to solve the same problem. As we proceed, we learn to make new method, new ways and new style maybe by trial and error or by failure. It may be late but we come to an understanding that it is not always in the right direction that we reach fast but sometimes even the crooked way provides us with a better solution. If we are open to learning, everything teaches us a new lesson which cannot be learned from books but only by experience.

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    Yes, madam studying is not related to books alone. Only books cannot do the whole development of students. The main aim of our education policy is the whole development of children. Hence co-curricular activities are an important integral part of our education.

    The students got bonus marks in board examination if they participate in any state-level competition in any sport. When students take parts in co-curricular activities they learn many things which cannot be taught by books, like team spirit, to overcome challenges, to be positive in every situation, etc.

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    Yes, study is not limited to bookish knowledge. One has to gain knowledge by searching through various sites in internet. Internet era has changed the way of study from limiting to one sources to gain knowledge of plethora of sources. Also along with it, one needs to study by observing things practically.

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    Studying is not related to book alone because every human being start learning from his birth.when we are too small kids we learn how to walk how to talk and how to eat etc from our mother and other family members. It is said that mother is our first guru or teacher who learn how to develop own personality and own behaviour. Secondly father , family members and our society learn how to leave among own society. Books are only store of knowledge and information. Which we apply in our life according to own capacity. Personally I realised that situation and time is the main guru or teacher of our life. Because teacher firstly teach books to learn and then examine us but time examine us firstly then learn us.specialy for a girl started her practical life from her I think books are not only source of studying.

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    Completely agree that study is not just read books, the study is concerned which is related to our life from our childhood. We study books and learn many things from them but we also learn more than books from our life experiences and the environment where we are spending our daily life is also important to grow people.
    When I was in class 2 or 3 I really don't like to read books but yes I like to read comics those days and I have collected many comic books also and read them specially Chacha Chaudhari and Saboo.
    Books definitely help in the study but when it comes to the overall development of a person that it is not enough to study from books.
    We study from our life situations and from others situations as well.

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