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    Is any of us a gold digger ?

    In the boys zone Gold digger, invariably, is used for the girls who are extremely materialistic and their relationship or friendship entirely depends on glittering gold. As soon as they come across any well-off person next moment they leave their boyfriend. But personally I don't think that it should be confined to girls only, it should, simulationsly, be applicable to boys also.

    Apart from its usage in general parlance many a man or woman can be seen loitering in our social circle who do find money as indispensable asset for their social bondage with people. Their own close relatives have no importance in their eyes if they're not of their social status and these gold diggers define this social status on the scale of piled up-money only.

    I don't negate value and importance of money, indeed, money is 'something' of great importance but money is not 'everything'. Relations, love, affection, friendship and human values outweigh in my sight.

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    We can buy gold and store it but we cannot carry love and affection in our pockets nor can the relatives. Money is the basic necessity for some people and it is just a collection gallon for a few.

    Even if we have enough money, people will not remember us but when we share love and affection, we remain in their hearts forever.

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    I appreciate your opinion but when I see many people defining social status based on wealth for relationship with fellow people I feel bad.

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    Money is important. But there are many other things which are important also.
    Before the emergence of COVID 19, a known person wanted to invest about a crore of rupees in some industry. But we could not meet each other during this period. Just met him two days back. He says he has no interest now. He says I have a lot of money, but I couldn't perform my daughter's marriage the way I wanted to perform. Now I think there is no necessity of having any further money. So he expressed his unwillingness to invest any more. He says that he will spend the remaining part of hid life with family without taking any unnecessary tensions.
    The priorities will change. But health, family, love and affection are more important than money these days. We will not be here forever. So use the time and enjoy life with family and others. This should be the concept. Money is required but don't go after it.

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    There are some people who are like that. They would keep relations and connections only with rich or influential people. These clever people have only one motto behind that and that is to impress others from their circle and other is the selfish motive as many things can be got done easily if you have a social circle like that. But they have to pay the cost of keeping relations with those high end people as they would give lift to these people only when they obey them and work under their command like a servant.
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    In light of my humble observation I feel that there are many such people in our society who only give value to money and position. For them talent and virtues have no meaning. They simply flow with the higher strata of the society whichever way that flows.
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