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    From 'Stitched' to 'Readymade'

    Yesterday when I opened the old boxes of my house to check if everything's alright which we Indians usually do before the start of rainy seasons to avoid any kind of pest attack, I found my old dresses, which I used to wear when I was not even four. I don't remember this. I can only tell you because I have seen my photographs in those dresses.and even my mother told me that many times.
    All my dresses were stitched by my mother and all unique. Not even a single dress matches the pattern of the other. I kept on picking up the dresses and wondered every time how beautifully and with how much creativity she managed to stitch those dresses that every piece was unique in itself. The summer collection, winter collection even spring collection was different. I quickly checked a few online sites for dresses of kids and found that most of the collection was similar. I checked women's and men's collection also. The theme was same.
    I pondered what's the use of wearing ready-mades if they can't give us a different look. How often we notice many professionals wearing the similar kind of patterns, sometimes exactly similar.
    Slowly and steadily the stitched ones are getting replaced by the readymades. Many labours, tailors, designers, hand embroiders are losing their jobs and the machines are taking their places. But what's the use, if we have the same thing to wear.
    Remember the days when only stitched ones are there yet a different fashion was there in every dress. We wanted to match our dresses with our friends but failed everytime, hence we matched colors of the dresses to pinch with 'same- pinch.'

    Let's prefer the stitched rather than choosing the readymades. They can give back the jobs to many.

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    I have the practice of wearing tailor-made dresses only. I rarely go for readymades. But my sons will go for readymades. I am very happy in using tailor-made dresses. We can ask the tailor to stitch the dress the way we want. We can decide how many pockets we can have and what model we want. But one problem is that the stitching charges increased very high and we will never get the stitched dress as per the time promised by the tailor.
    Even though the machines are coming into picture for stitching, it can't be without any human interface. The number of people may be less but not zero. Designers will never lose their jobs if we go for tailor-made dresses.
    I have seen some ready-made companies where the company is employing the tailors to stitch the dresses in their company.

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    Earlier, I love to wear only tailor stitched dresses. But later on, I started liking ready-made dresses. It is mainly the cost-effectiveness of the dresses. Presently the tailoring charges are too high. Also, we need to wait for days to get clothes stitched. In many of the shops, we can select the dresses and colours of our choice, and we can have them checked at the trial rooms available at the shop.

    A few months back, while I was walking on the footpath, a guy was selling shirts for Rs. 75/-. To have it tested, I bought a single piece. To my great astonishment, the stuff is good and is better than a shirt costing over Rs. 400/-

    When I was young, I was very selective and choosy to dress up neatly. As I grew old, I lack dressing sense, and ready to wear anything that covers my body. I am very comfortable with a Dhoti and a Full hand shirt. I prefer to wear one particular brand shirt only. That is "Otto"

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    When I was young I learned stitching and most of my dresses I stitched myself. As I was not much proficient in that work, other members got their dresses stitched from outside. Later I switched to readymades but was never satisfied with the fittings as you have always to get them overhauled. This is the big problem with readymade dresses. Slowly I am acclimatising now.
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    It depends on your choices. Actually, there are some advantages to readymade dresses. First, you need to purchase the cloth and then have to find a suitable tailor to stitch it according to your style because every tailor does not have a variety of clothes. As many members have already mentioned about the increased charges of the tailors as one of the reasons for preferring readymade clothes I think people also prefer to pick and choose the dresses displayed in the shops. But as far as the fittings of any dress are concerned, stitched dresses are the best bet.

    Regarding job losses, wherever the machine is used the human interference is decreased and there may be some temporary job losses. But those who lost job can acquire new skills and can flourish. It is applicable in every field and is prevalent almost everywhere. Actually, those who are losing jobs because of the introduction of machines in that trade can find jobs in that trade itself because a lot of people are required to run and maintain those machines.


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    In olden days everything was custom made and not ready-made. It is now that everything is readymade including food.
    I remember getting footwear also made by the local cobbler. Can it be imagined now? One size fits all is the present trend. One has to buy a readymade dress and take it to the local tailor and get it altered to have a proper fit.
    I also do not like the trial of the readymade clothes at the shop. That is one reason I avoid purchasing readymade dress. It does not give me a feeling of brand new but a used clothe.

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    I do not have any fad for clothes and did not have fancy for the stitched one or readymade ones. I used to get my clothes stitched because at that time readymades were not available so easily in all the sizes. With time I did not know when I switched to the readymades and today I do not go for stitching as everything is easily available readymade. If you get your dress stitched even then there is no guarantee that it would be made fitting to your size as some garments shrink after washing and some are of fine slippery quality where tailors fail to finish them properly.
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    The stitched clothes are still worthier than the ready-mades. They not only fit to our bodies but also make us look wonderful and we can design them to our own choices to the best of our choices.
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