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    Drive with caution is a must

    The heading of the write-up must have drawn your attention towards the cautionary messages we all find on every road. The message cautions the vehicle drivers, but in life, is it only them who need to be careful while steering the wheel and not others? It's not exactly so. Every human existence that means each living person's body made of flesh, blood, mind and conscience is a vehicle. The individuals are the owners of their particular moving machine, which is called their body. Everyone drives his/her life according to one's choice. The choice can be either positive or negative. If people make the right choices without harming others, that means they are following the cautionary measures, there is no problem. Those who make wrong decisions deliberately only to damage someone else that means life's cautionary messages are deliberately ignored then comes the Supreme Power in action to teach us a life lesson of caution.

    God has made all the living beings, but humans are His greatest creation. People do not only have emotions but also have a powerful brain among the living creatures, have the reasoning ability, and also blessed with a conscience. Naturally, God expects human beings to use all the given attributes for the betterment of humankind. If people falter and cross its limit, then God uses His brake mode to put an end to an individual's practice of ruining others' life.

    Digging dip, we find that individuals are given many chances to rectify themselves by different kinds of warnings in life, and that's when people must learn to drive themselves with caution, which in between they had forgotten. No one knows when God will permanently lift off His cautionary message of sensibly driving one's entity that means the license of being happily alive remains in danger. We would then be left alive either with regrets or receive death without even having an opportunity to repent. So, let's be cautious when we drive our lives on earth.

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    True. In a car accident, the driver or the opposite vehicle's driver is only responsible. Because of his mistake, the passengers in the vehicle will also get injured. But for our life we are the drivers, So we have to take care of us only. We have to be cautious at every moment. The head of the family may be the driver in our journey of life. If he does a mistake, the whole family will suffer. So like a car driver, the head of the family should be more cautious as his whole family is dependent on him.
    Sometimes even though we are very careful, because of somebody else's mistake we will be getting punished. So we should be careful with other people also. We should not take risks which will make our lives miserable. As long as you are cautious you may not have any issue. But the moment we go against the traffic rules decided by our creator we will be punished. As mentioned by the author, there may be some warning boards. But if we ignore them we are definite that we will be meeting with the accident.

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    Humans are the best and most powerful creature created by the supreme or the Almighty God on this earth. We can think and do what is most apt or correct. It depends on humans to choose what to do. Some choose good, some neutral and some bad. It is easy to be bad but one needs to know the effect of karma. It is said that do not do anything that you don't it to be done to you but in anger, lust, greed, ego, supremacy, we keep on doing things that is not only bad but even dangerous or even life-taking. Many use their power and strength to kill or murder or even vanish the person. Everyone thinks that the crime we do in the dark is not watched or seen by others but it is never hidden in the eye of the Almighty or supreme power. Let us not take advantage of his forgiveness or patience and learn to be humble and loving what is the best thing to live peacefully.
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    It is true that when we drive on road we tend to avoid warning signs and boards and many of them believe that they don't need to see it. When an accident emerges all the faults will be from the opposite side of the the driver and on every day and every second we must be cautioned to drive carefully on roads. The number of accidents happening on roads is either due to lack of proper sleep or due to the lack of a driver's responsibility. God only knows when to lift out from the earth and we must behave very politely to all the people on the roads. Some of them drive the vehicle without proper skills and tend to emerge in the accident and all the government officials must ensure safe driving and must give proper training class on road safety.
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    @ Ajai B Maliackal

    After reading your comment, I realised that you have not exactly got the point I raised in my thread. It's not about road safety or driving a vehicle on the road. I meant in my thread that every human being is like a vehicle, who is on a journey on the planet earth. If we break the rules of humanity, love, modesty and so on, then God will not forgive us. It is a necessity that all human beings must live harmoniously if not, then God will teach us a lesson.


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    We have to be carful and alert in our lives and keep a control on our pace everywhere in every situation as accidents can happen anytime sometimes due to our faults while sometimes due to the faults of others. Driving is a situation which is much prone to accidents as high speeds and irregular traffic are involved in it. So, this activity requires much safety consciousness and one single mistake can create blunders and loss of life.
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    A human being is as good as driving a vehicle and we must be careful with our moves and stops. Our selection of people can be compared to the selection of a good vehicle. When we made the right selection we have to drive the same cautiously not hurting the sentiments of others. The human behaviour is cunning and selfish and with such drives, we may even overtake or corner the other sincere drivers whom we have respected and trusted in the past. And never ever cause an accident with bad words which hurt the other person more than the personal accident. So drive your cause and try to restrain your behaviour.
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