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    Thrill to drive a car for the first time in our lives

    During my childhood, I was fascinated by cars, jeeps, and buses and always thought whether I would be able to drive them one day. You can say that was a childhood dream or ambition deep in my mind. When I got admission in class IX, I saw some boys riding cycles but it was beyond our reach and I used to see them with awe and desire. Near my house there was a dry-cleaning shop whose owner used to go from 1 PM to 5 PM for lunch and wanted some helping hand to sit on the counter during that period. He also had a cycle hiring shop attached to it and he managed both of them. During my long summer holidays I told him that for some time I could help him by sitting on the counter. He was very happy and told me that I should also manage the cycle hiring by the customers during that time. I started to go to his shop during that time and in the evening he told me that if I wanted I can have a free cycle riding for an hour or so. This was a great thing for me and I started to learn cycling and soon could run it nicely. So, frankly speaking that was my first job in my life where I got some remuneration of course not in cash but kind.

    Later when I got a job my first purchase was a cycle and after a few years I bought one scooter and was much excited and drove it for quite some years. Then, there was a long gap and nothing happened but ultimately I could save some money to buy a second hand car and the day I bought it that was the happiest moment in my life as I told myself that I am going to drive it now. It was a long cherished dream. Driving a car was easy but to pay for the fuel and to pay for the maintenance was a difficult thing in those times especially for low income group people. I still remember the thrill of driving a car for the first time in my life.

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    I learned driving in Chennai roads. The vehicle I drove first was the same Padmini. It was the owner's vehicle where my father was working. He used to bring that car to teach me driving. I drove that car in Chennai Mount road and beach roads. That car belonged to the owners of the famous Chennai cinema theatre "Udayam". The owner is from my village in Tirunelveli district. They are our family friends. Hence, they let my father drive the vehicle. That's the reason, I like Padmini.
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    I still cannot forget the moment when I first drove a car. Ever since my childhood, I had a fascination for cars. My favourite toys were cars, jeeps and buses. I used to insist on buying these toys from my parents. The first time I got to drive a car was in 2012 when we got our first car (a second hand one). It took me a lot of courage to go for my first ride. I didn't go for any formal training. I took to the wheels and simply took off on the first gear on a vacant land. It was such a wonderful feeling driving a car for the first time. It was a big achievement for me. Very soon I picked up the skills and driving a vehicle was no more a wonder to me. I still love driving and have been to distant places in my new car, but the thrill that I got on the first day of my driving is still unmatched.
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    I had big dreams to learn driving and after my marriage I tried my hands on it and even joined a driving school also for 15 days. Somehow, I could not build up the necessary confidence for it and gave up the idea. Today I feel that not knowing driving is a big shortcoming as you become handicapped and depend on the other person's time to take you out for some work.
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    A well said post by the writer about wanting to drive cycle, scooter and then car which normally drive past us every day. When we were small, we used to hire a cycle from the cycle shop that gave on rent on an hourly basis. My mother would give us 1Rs each to my sister and me after helping her in the daily chores during vacations. We would try our best to complete the daily task beforehand and would run to the shop to hire the cycle. We would ride it for an hour in the morning and in the evening. I and my sister would share the timing and support each other while the other is riding. We have fallen many times but that did not leave us from learning. Now, I have a scooter that I use to go to nearby places. It is an automatic type so, it's easy to ride. I have my 2-wheeler and 4-wheeler licence but do not use the 4 wheeler as I lack practice but will try it when I will have time. It is always thrilling to drive a car for the first time and I did it while going for a licence after attaining the age of 18 and completing my high school(HSC).
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    It is true from the author everyone is having the same dream to ride a car, motorcycle and bus in their lifetime. Due to low-income situations or due to problems in life, most of them tend to lose these kinds of dreams. When we get a job on our own it will be good to cherish such dreams in our life. My first drive in the car was after the marriage and went on to driving school for having to learn it and after I took the Baleno car which was interesting one. At first, for everyone, it is always a nightmare to ride the vehicle, but after few days driving the car my fear and frightening nature all went off and still now the car is in good condition. Earlier we do not have the money for fuel and maintenance but later in life, when we get money all our dreams can become true in our life.
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    Driving a car for the first time is a thrill. I learned driving in my 35th year and I used to drive Ambassador. But throughout my career, I was having a car with a driver. Even then out of my Interest I learned driving. Even today I have a car with a driver.
    After learning driving I took my sons and wife to the nearest city and being Sunday driver was not there. This is my first long drive. I drove them and we enjoyed the ride very much. My sons enjoyed it more than me. They used to ask me to drive very fast so that no other car will overtake us. But I used to be careful.

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    I learned many lessons from driving a car. First was to drive it safely to avoid any accident. Second is when you go some place do some research and then only plan to go there by car. There are issues of night parking and security aspects. Third is to keep some bare minimum necessities in the car before going out as any time if the car gets trouble one can survive some time till the help arrives.
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