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    Devotion is more important than celebrating a festival!

    Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak changed the way of celebrating a festival with a vision was to create unity in a society divided by castes and religious beliefs. Thus Ganesh festival celebration gave a new dimension to the Indian freedom struggle and the tradition still continues in the country everywhere with religious and patriotic fervor. But Social distancing, wearing a mask, and stay home as far as possible concepts are revolving around and we missed the celebration of various festivals like Ramnavami, Ramzan, Buddha Poornima, Hanuman Jayanti, and Jagannath Rath yatra because of the so-called Coronavirus. Let it be.

    Generally, these celebrations would help to accommodate community participation in various forms of concerts, stage shows, intellectual discourse, poetry recitals, and folk dances. It facilitates as a Forum for people from all castes and communities to celebrate together. Although during this critical time such social and political gatherings are not allowed and totally discouraged, devotion and commitment to religious sentiments are more important than mass celebrations.

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    Religious festivals emphasis the unity of all religions without considering caste or creed. Every individual join to spread joy and happiness across the streets.

    Even though the present situation stops us from gatherings yet there are possibilities to show our oneness:-
    1. Abiding by the rules and regulations
    2. Helping humanity in accordance with the needs of the suffering people.
    3. Sharing food and money.
    4. Sharing moral values and hope.
    5. Building confidence by inspirational videos (personally or media)

    This way we can show unity and Tilak would also appreciate and applaud our works (if he would be present today)

    It is all in the state of mind, how we assume we get.

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    The real devotee is one who helps the poor people and also helps the fellow beings who need it in some or other form. Devotion does not mean only to please God. If it is so then it is a selfish motive because pleasing God means that one desires something in exchange of it. In fact God would never like such greed of the devotees.
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    The greatness of a celebration is not in how much money you have spend to celebrate that but how much devotion you have is more important. Many people try to put some show off to these celebrations. But the very purpose celebration they will never keep in mind. A small kid who is performing pooja may be concentrating more on Prasadan then on the pooja she is doing. similarly, we all concentrate on the decoration we are doing and the value of the idols we erect for the celebrations and how to gather more public there. But let us not worry about these issues this year and perform with full devotion so that the very purpose the celebration is achieved. We all know that Lord Rama is very happy the fruits offered by Sabari, even though she offered good fruits after tasting only.
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    Many times people celebrate with much of pomp and show and I doubt whether there is really so much devotion underneath that or it is all show business to lure the gullible devotees to collect some good donation.
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    I do agree that devotion is very much important to celebrate any festival but what is the use of such festivals where there is no public participation and lose the festival fervor. For the firs time failed to celebrate the Ugadi, our Tamil New year and Sri Rama Navami as all these happened during the lock down and we could not visit the temple or relatives to exchange our festival pleasantries. Especially during the festivities the house holds prepare choicest food to be distributed and eaten along with others and relatives. But that was not made possible even now as many are fearing to visit other homes.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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