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    My Friend Ganesha (Elephants) seen in the Middle Himalaya

    Due to the changing environment, everything is getting changed. What will happen? You can even not imagine. A surprising incident occurred on the contrary to the popular belief that elephant cannot go the high altitudes because of their heavy body. But this year a group of elephants have been noticed in the high altitudes. They started moving to the middle Himalayas from the foothills and Tarai region in the State of the Uttarakhand. This is mainly due to in search of food and water. Another reason is the increased population. It has resulted because of the changing environment and human invasion into the animal's habitats.

    In 2010, the elephant was declared as the National Heritage Animal. The elephant is the largest terrestrial mammal and due to their rapidly declining population they are kept in Schedule I of Indian Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 and categorised as Endangered (EN) by International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). But the elephants are still struggling to find their position and day by the situation is getting worsened. And if the situation will go like this and the movement of elephants towards high elevation human settlement will continue, then other animals will also move and the whole ecosystem will get disturbed. This may cause the death of elephants and other animals and humans too, and the earth will be without elephants. Recently in Kerala, a pregnant elephant died because of eating pineapple stuffed with the crackers. There are several other incidents which show human-animal conflict. However, it is not new, but these incidents show the cruelty of human beings towards nature. There must be strong policies and guidelines implementation to prevent human-animal conflict.

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    No one is against the animals. But we fear wild animals like lion, tigers and leopards. In a country like India where the forest area is more, elephants need not go to Himalaya. They are misrouted or misdirected in the wrong routes, I would say. The incident that happened in Kerala to an elephant is very unfortunate. In our country, we regard elephant as Lord Ganesh and we all love and worship that animal. It was the bomb wrapped in a pineapple to kill a wild bear that was creating a nuisance to the farmers. The elephant fell prey to that bomb.
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    My Friend Ganesha is the name of an animated video for children about a boy and Lord Ganesha showing the blessings of Lord Ganesha.
    We become sensitive only when we come to know of such cruelty. This is mostly due to the media and social media highlighting or sensationalising it. There are many happening without our knowing that. Majority of people are not cruel minded and even feed them and help them in some way.

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    This is an interesting and thought provoking information from the author but it raises many issues about the conservation of wild life in our country. I think this type of migration was never heard earlier. We are damaging our eco-system and habitat and this is the result of that only.
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    This is not only amazing information and also interesting to know that elephants made to climb Himalayas and now living and moving in the middle altitude of Tarai Region. I am really astonished to know that elephants need lots of food to eat and they can eat anything available to them in green environment. But Himalayas are hilly region and not much fruits or the greenery available therefore how they are surviving is the greatest question every one would ask. But being moving there and living probably they may be getting some food and that is making them to stay there safe. This also one more proof that we the people are not allowing the animals to live in their habitat and in the name of housing and agricultural expansion, we are encroaching their lands and making them to live in another place of no liking.
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    It is well known fact that elephants never forget their routes because they followed age old routes used by their ancestors . They are extremely intelligent animals having remarkable memory of their migratory routes due to extra ordinary cognitive mapping skills and approximate 11000 square kilometer of home range. The main reason behind their movement towards high altitude is day by day increasing anthropogenic pressure and climate change.

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