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    Motivation: The Main Drive to Success

    In anyone's life, he faces many stops where sometimes he feels that he didn't get all he could find. However, he did his best to get it. What was the reason and what was missing? Actually, it is a lack of motivation. Even a small motivation can make a person so inspired that he can even get what is literally impossible to him.

    Motivation keeps a person engage and drives towards success. There are several examples of people who have achieved those things which were once impossible to them, but they make it possible only by their motivation. Motivation gives strength required to succeed. Sometimes, anybody can find it difficult to find a motivation to reach their target, but with some extra efforts, he can find that drive which can lead him to the desired success.

    One can find motivation from others or can be self-motivated, but the important thing is that one should know the goals and should be able to identify the hurdles. Further, a positive approach is essential. Rewarding yourself will also give you happiness and motivation that drive you a success.

    My Entry for the Topic of the month TOW contest - Drive
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    Motivation is very essential in life to succeed in life. There are times when even after trying our best with 100% dedication, the correct and statistical approach, finding ways to solve problems, etc, we are not able to get desired success or position that we longed for. There are times when we fall, tumble, lack will power to stand up again due to repetitive failure or looking at others who got success just as a snap of a finger. We get demotivated and feel like leaving or turning back feeling dejected or looser. This is the time when motivation plays its role. A motivation can be a word, a sentence, support, a quote, a piece of music, a movie, a friend, a tap on the shoulder or trust of your loved ones that again lits the spark and helps you to try again and win. Motivation is a fuel which helps to Drive everyone to Success.
    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    There is no doubt that motivation is a key factor in our lives for attaining the success but sometimes every person does not get motivated by same things. Different people have different triggers for getting motivated and until that boost is given the individual might not act in the desired direction.
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    There are two kinds of motivation to get into success mode. One is the self motivation which is created on our own to keep us going not expecting any favor comments from others. The next one is the motivation given by like minded people and our well wishers who always want us to be one step others of competitors and thus they keep on motivating us against all odds. But we should not depend on the motivations and we should be on our work and job irrespective of getting good or bad reviews. My motto is always follow the mission and the commission would follow you. That means when we attempt the work right and straight the inducement what we get from inner strength is enough to get self motivation and our vibrant behavior is get noticed boy others and they would motivate us further.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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