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    Life goes on after a loved one's death, is it true?

    People say that nothing stops when a loved one dies. Life moves on its path even after losing a person close to one's heart. Yes, indeed it looks so because people get back to their actual way of life after the mourning period. The fact is very different.

    With the death of someone very dear, the other connected lives do not die in the practical term. Such persons eat, drink, laugh, enjoy a movie, have fun with friends, plans for the future and much more, but somewhere deep inside their heart, a portion remains sad always. Life feels incomplete, lacks pleasure, goes on with a certain amount of vacuum and has a throttled pain, which goes unnoticed by others.

    It's an undeniable fact that life never remains the same. None can see with the naked eye what emotional turmoil goes on in the lives of the people who has lost a dear one forever. Life is a mix of practical and soul-stirring matters, so people learn to cover up their heartfelt issues through practicality. What's your opinion?

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    It depends on the strength of the love between the departed soul and the living soul. And also the dependency of love between the two. If a spouse is lost, it would be a great loss. If a bread earner is lost, it would be a big loss. It is the love with a dependency that matters. Otherwise, everything is normal. Today dead; mourn for few hours or days; forget the loss; and lead the life as usual. Life is like that. For the rich, the loss doesn't matter at all. Their wealth would compensate the loss. But for other's, it matters a lot.
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    It goes on, but may not be one the same way as it was. If the love of the deceased had some bearing on the survivor then there will be a bearing on the survivor's further life too. We cannot simplify such separation. They are complex too.

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    When somebody loses their loved ones, really they will be in shock and they may get a lot of disturbance and they can't withstand that sorrow. But as time goes on they forget and slowly come to normal. It is a fundamental requirement. Otherwise, they can't survive. But they may do some good works on the name of the deceased person so that people remember the deceased person. Life may slow down for some time and then pick up and come to normalcy. Otherwise, the survival of the person will be difficult.
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    It is very true that the departure of a loved one makes a void in the partner's life and his or her life is going to be in the shade of the sad memory of that person. It is a sentimental thing and sensitive people might understand it in a better way. If we look to the practical side then yes, the loss is definitely there but we have to start working and keep continue the journey of life in absence of that person. So, things would become normal after some time and the worldly affairs would continue under the memory of the loved one. Time is the biggest healing factor in such matters.
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    I am sorry to disagree with your opinion. Wealthy people also have a heart. Emotion does not only belong to the poor and middle-class families. Rich people also have feelings. A close person is always missed by his dear ones after one's death irrespective of the class of the family. Whatever the financial condition of a family is, love, attachment and care have a special place among people. If it does not exist, then humankind is at stake. It's not so in reality. I believe wealthy people try to conceal their sorrow from the public, and that's why they are wrongly judged.


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