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    A drive towards your subconscious self

    When a person is born he or she is an unadulterated self without any impurities. Till few years after birth he acts, behaves, speaks as per his wish and nature and does not care about the world. He is a true self at that time and lives up to his real personality. But as he grows up and develops understanding of the world he realizes that there are lot of things within his personality that need to be modified to suit the practical world around him. He is expected to modulate his speech, thoughts, behaviors and actions in a way that makes him more acceptable to this human world. He cannot be same unpolluted self as he used to be during childhood.

    As the time goes by a stage is reached when person forgets about his original personality and gets accustomed to the compromised personality which he had to build to gel with the world. At this stage humans have two personalities or identities, one is what he actually is and which is deeply buried within his subconscious mind and other is what he pretends to be which is well in his conscious mind and visible to the world.

    Though it is essential that every human needs to compromise and change himself or herself so that they can suit people around them but sometimes people tend to loose their identity in this process. Sometimes they cannot make out whether their thoughts, actions and behaviors are as their own or it is all artificial and made to suit the world. It is at this time that person sometimes feel the need to rediscover themselves and drive back to the subconscious side of their self because their real nature is buried there. Just like sometimes when we get tired of our daily life we prefer to drive our vehicle to leisure destinations to re energize ourselves, in the same way sometimes we desire getting feel of our real self and that is the time when we try to drive vehicle of our mind to our subconscious self.

    When we drive our vehicle to different places some times road conditions may be bad and driving becomes difficult. Similarly driving ones mind towards our subconscious self is not easy and we have to encounter several obstacles and challenges to achieve it just like bad roads during vehicle driving. In our journey to subconsciousness we are obstructed by our own wordy thoughts and distractions but if we manage to drive our mind through all these we can reach our subconscious self and realize what we really are. Such a drive to towards our subconscious self at times can really help us to regain our identity and improve ourselves in the practical world.

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    Compromising ourself to suit the others is actually what we call as killing. We may try our best to makes changes so as to suit others like our habits, our actions, our nature, our likes, our tastes, our personality, our dreams, our attitude and our thinking but as we change, we are actually wearing a false mask on us that is just worn to satisfy others. The change may be liked and accepted by others and we may feel happy but when we stand in front of a mirror, we may see a dual personality. The first one is the real self and the other what we have become. A day will come when we get tired of carrying the false self or personality and find it difficult to breathe and would like to break open and live a life that is true and real. It is not easy to carry false nature or personality and even after years of wearing the mask, our real self will come to the upper side which was subconsciously been buried below the mask. It is always better to live a life which portrays our own self. Let people accept you in the way you are or born and not with a false self that you live like a robot. Let us take time to drive towards your subconscious self and enjoy life than being late to live.
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    First we have to drive our mind consciously to the conscious situations and environment ad be balanced in actions and reactions. Otherwise the effort to drive to know the sub conscious will be a futile effort. Let us practice i the conscious, with the conscious. That itself can give wonders

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