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    Do people have a rethinking about modern medicine post Covid

    It is about more than six months since the pandemic Covid19 stuck the world. From then on we hear only about infection and deaths. Let us keep aside the doubts of its origin and spread.
    The real fact is that it spread all over the world. It really scared the world. The whole world was literally shut down.
    Even after six months there is no effective cure or treatment for this infection.
    People are practically at the mercy of fate only. Along with that we get to hear heartrending stories from all over the world. Even the dead do not get an honourable funeral or last rites.
    Medical facilities and attention proved inadequate and unprepared. What will happen a still more dangerous virus or microbe attack comes in future? (God forbid)
    Don't you think that there is/will be a rethink on the efficiency and claims of modern medicine system post Covid?

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    I think people are already started looking for some alternatives to modern medicine system because the pandemic created a lot of worry in our minds. Nobody is sure what is going to happen next. Though it takes a lot of time to develop a vaccine there is always a requirement to find an alternative to modern medicine. Along with medicine, we need to change our attitude. We need a holistic approach rather than being very selective. Modern medicine has come a long way and found cures of many critical illnesses. Still, there is a lot to be done. But concentrating too much only on one medical system will not be effective. In our country alone, there are many alternative forms of treatment like Ayurveda and Yunani. Before the advent of modern medicine, these forms of treatment were prevalent. I think more research in those forms of medicines is required. There is already a ministry for this alternative medicine system but what we need is more focused research and promotion throughout the country.

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    Yes, I am one with the author. This is one domain where modern medicine is still far behind. Every other day we are plagued with new and more dreadful diseases. In fact, for many of the diseases, we still do not have a cure. Dengue, AIDS, and many other diseases don't have any proper cure or vaccine. Not to speak of cancer, for which we have not been able to defeat even after so many years of research and study.

    Though scientists are hopeful of a vaccine for COVID, one can never be sure. Just like the other uncured diseases, we may not succeed ultimately. Then there is always the fear, just as the author has stated, there could be more dangerous diseases and viruses lurking around the corner to devastate human lives. In fact, the way the earth's environment is deteriorating, mainly due to over-exploitation of its resources by us humans, we will have to face more such dreadful occurrences of epidemics and diseases.

    Among these dark clouds, there is a silver lining though. Ever since we have been devastated by the corona virus, the world has seen hectic activity on the research front by medical scientists. Even in India, which was earlier dormant in terms of research, is seeing a lot of activity by its research labs. Breakthrough research is being done in these labs and one can be hopeful that the medical fraternity will ultimately be able to have a upper hand over every kind of diseases, if not now then in the next ten, twenty years or so. With every country focusing on medical research in a big way post-COVID, we will definitely see better days in the not so distant future. The onus will be on governments to develop such research infrastructure to make this true.

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    True. We thought we have medicines for every disease. But new diseases are arriving and we are struggling for medicines for such diseases. We have no medicine for AIDS when the world noticed this disease. There is no medicine for cancer. Only after the disease is identified we are finding the medicine. This is proved right even in the case of Corona also. Still, no medicine but may come shortly. This factor only is making us lose our confidence in medicine. A virus which causes cold, cough and fever is not being treated by the famous and well-trained doctors also. This will say what is the extent of our development.
    Nature proved that it is much more advanced than mankind. The message given is that what you know is nothing before me. The abuses I am withstanding but I want to teach a lesson. This attitude of nature created the present situation. So a human being should know his limitations and try to protect nature. Then one need not worry about diseases and the human being will have the required immunity to face such viruses.

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    It is true that modern medicine is still far beyond the present nature. Due to COVID, pandemic half a dozen people have died either with this disease or with some alternative disease. We don't know what can happen in the near future if proper vaccines are not built. One of the biotech firms is doing final rounds of vaccine and we can hope that Vaccine may come out for supply as fast as possible. Due to increasing food habits and our culture, we tend to bring such disease to our life. People are not bothered about the harm of disease and many of them who are living in the quarantine period is going out in public without any fear. When one such person comes out in public it tends to spread and cycle continues on like that. We can hope that in the near future proper vaccine will be built and continuous development is needed in the field of modern science to sustain such harmful disease.
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    Today I saw a Whatsapp video clip. That was a video cip of online interview of a Doctor from Nigeria by a channel "Dubai Vaartha". The Doctor Ebraham Koshy hadsuggested Ginger, Tumeric etc for immunity building and explained it very logically and in an understandable way. We will definitely get convinced. At the end he was telling that the MBBS student s should be taught Yoga, Ayurveda .Sidha etc. He said that when the doctor himself practise Yoga and knows is benefit he will not give chemical drug for BP etc as Yoga will remedy it. He said that as Yoga and Ayurveda originated in our country, it is imperative that our doctors learned it. Once they learn they will be convinced about the benefits

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    For the last six months, the ordinary diseases and day to day small diseases like headaches and backache, etc have come down drastically. Medical institutions, hospitals and clinics have not seen the patients for reference, medication, treatment and surgery etc. The medicals have lost their business. Doctors have become jobless. There were no many ordinary death reports. Yet the public has survived without diseases and medicines. The same thing should continue in the future too.

    Since we have learned to live with corona by wearing masks and maintaining social distancing, we can face the challenges even if we get something bigger than corona. Corona has taught us a lesson "How to live without fear"

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    Yes, Corona virus made us to live under severe constraints of normal environment. So we are some what we'll equipped to face situation that are severe than this. It made the world to rethink about the present poor facilities in world to face abnormal hazards of health. So all the countries have to spent more on health provisions in their budgets rather than on defence. Scientists have to work on general basic formulations of drugs which can kill any kind of new viral diseases by little changing drug formulation. Scientists in the past successfully discovered medicines that helped to combat hazardous diseases.

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    During the pandemic, there was a troll that went viral that " a virus that can be cleaned or killed by soap, it is taking time for the intellectuals or the world to come up with medicine." This is a point to ponder even though it was just put as a joke. The whole world is infected and turned upside-down by the COVID-19 and the best resolution we have is washing our hand with soap/sanitize ourselves and follow social distancing. We, humans, talk big about ourselves and are trying to reach the other planet but in such situations, we are finding it difficult to even find a medicine /vaccine to kill the so-called virus that has affected the whole world and caused havoc. We have the Ayurveda, homoeopathy, allopathy and modern medicine but yet not one has been able to come up with a solution or effective medicine even after 6 months of the outbreak. This is what you call that when the cup overflows, the mighty hand will play its cruel role and humans should understand the truth and learn from it.
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    Doctors from across the borders only rise a hope but still, clinical trials are under processing stage. Even though we go back to get support from Ayurveda yet the words "vaccine developed" will be an energy booster to the people, so that we can breathe a sigh of relief.
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