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    Never say never again...

    A few days ago, it was a good experience to listen to a conversation between a father and his son,. The father, now 76 years old, had been a good organic farmer at Theni. He was always conscious of his health. He and his wife still do not have any ailment.

    He went on to share his own experiences with organic farming. He went on to emphasize that his son, a banker should wake up early, do a bit of exercise and then have what is called "kanji" in Tamil. This is nothing but a liquid version of the overnight fermented food with buttermilk and a very small quantity of pickle. The father said that he had taken it for decades. The son went on arguing that "it was old-fashioned."The father went on saying, "never say never again" in English, meaning that the good old habits have to be revisited now. Today's lifestyle diseases were a consequence of bad habits and not taking care of the basics.

    And he told the son to come back to his village on a few days leave so that the natural surroundings can help him be a better human being. The son is always short-tempered and irritating. He knew about his father's methods but somehow did not agree with him at all. The father said coming to Theni is not going to happen now. When the trains resume after four months, he suggested that the son come to his native place.

    The father had a good message. We always think that we are correct. We never even listen to the others, who may have so many good messages to tell. When we say never, we essentially block out minds and do not allow any other point of view. More often than not, we live in our own world, least understanding that we need to be more open than what we are now.

    This is my entry for the isc 13th birthday special a thread a day challenge participate and win prizes contest on day 5.
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    The old eating habits had the nutritious value to which the young generation are not aware and what the author tried to specify here must go into the minds of young one.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    We cannot avoid the word 'Never again' in our life. There are times to say "Never again". If we commit a mistake that has a very bad effect, we need to say - Never again in my life, I will do this.

    But in your story, the boy said - "It was old fashioned". He did not utter a word never. It is the father who said 'never say never again'.
    A poorly drafted story. Never again write such an unconvincing story.

    No life without Sun

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    Past age activities can be revived but should really they be revived- I doubt because even the old generation has discarded past age activities. This world goes by its own, nobody can compel people to act in a certain way. Historically, in every age, present generation changes its ways from past generation. It creates its own ways and invents its own style. It's 'old fashioned' is not new slogan as every new generation uses this word for activities of old generation. Generation gap matters a lot. Old generation is 'out dated' in the sight of new generation- it's been in practice for long ages.
    So I'd better stay away from teaching my young generation to follow what we've been doing till date because all our activities are old fashioned then there is no point in offering my suggestions to them. But despite all differences I'm with them- always ready to help them- guide them if they need. They are our future.

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    This is one of the good messages which we can give for this young generation. Past old activities are all good, that is the main reason for not having any medical problems till the date. Now we are buying the goods from online and groceries and we are not farming anything in our compound. Our old habits need to bring out during this COVID pandemic situation otherwise it will be difficult to move ahead in our life. We can see that the number of private hospitals is emerging day by day, but in the old times, there were only 1 or 2 hospitals in our nearby areas. The organic farming method needs to polish by ourselves and build a good generation for the future.
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    The food habits of our elders are good. My father is a very health-conscious person. He always maintains good health. He eats all the good food only. He never eats outside junk food. He always advises us not to go for junk food.

    Our eating habits will decide our health. "kanji" in Telugu known as "Taravani". Olden days people used to eat this early in the morning as breakfast and go for fields and come back for late lunch. Very strong food and healthy food. But these days people feel bad to eat such food.

    Our eating habits may not immediately show their effect on our health but as the age increases definitely we understand the difference. Eating homemade food with less or no spicy ingredient is very good for our health.

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    I think the story does not convey the title message clearly. Had the son suffered for not taking the Kanji and he regretted for it then this advice could have been more prompt.
    There is certain situation when we should not block or deny something brazenly. We may keep an escape route so that if it was needed again we may have to revert to the same. But there will be occasions when we have to say for sure 'Never again".
    An attacking enemy has to be defeated, overpowered and punished properly and then told to 'Never again' attempt such acts.

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    Venkteswaran Sir, and Sun Sir, I do take the blame on myself. It was a true conversation, but I should have made it more clear. By just being a silent spectator, I just wanted to observe what was going on. Thereafter, I did talk too many things with the father and son but did not interfere in their personal likes or dislikes. The father said "never say, never again" in Tamil. The exact words were "mattannu mattum sollathe; eppozuthum sollathe" and kept repeating this at least three times. I took the English translation in a rough way. Perhaps I could have literally translated this in a more significant way.

    You see, the Tamil language is simply beautiful. It think both of you, or one of you know it well. Several things that are expressed in Tamil, cannot be translated verbatim in English. I did a rough translation and it did not perhaps exactly bring out what was said. I shall be careful the next time.

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    Please note, the banker, is under pressure. The deposits are not coming. There are no takers for loans. The jewel loans are not happening. This is mainly because people are spending so less. I know several middle-class people who are purchasing the ration rice from someone ( 20 kg is given free to only some people; it not for all), mixing it with good quality rice from the open market and consuming the idli and dosa. Many have lost their jobs. In desperation, they have even become LIC agents. But here again, there are no fresh policies, as people do not have money. COVID-19 has messed up everything. The poor banker -- an Asst Manager-- is under pressure from his Management.

    Fortunately, farm income is still coming. Some reliable friend is doing the work of the father now. The father wanted to highlight the high blood pressure and hypertension of the old man. The young man is in an orbit of his own. He has never been in his native place for several years. This is the same story with hundreds of families.

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    Mr ABS,
    Both SuN and Venkiteswaran know Tamil. Though Venkiteswaran is from Kerala, he knows better Tamil than SuN. My question is this - When the son has never uttered a word that he would not eat the Kanji, but said that it was an old fashion only, why should the father tell him "Mattennu mattum sollathe, eppozhuthum sollathe". This is your story manufacturing defect

    Mr. ABS
    Something has gone wrong with you. Your response above # 702225 is irrelevant to this thread. I think you copy pasted a wrong response by mistake. Please have a check.

    No life without Sun

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    I stand by whatever I had seen and heard. Word by word. I have also clarified why the banker is under pressure. Both the father and son are known to me. If I have done a mistake in the narration, I own it up. Let us leave it here and move on. I will be more careful in m,y other threads.

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