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    If advises given for free people are not accepting to be genuine

    When we seek some professional advise from the experts they are charged with a fixed amount as the consultation fee. But in daily life we tend to give free advises to our friends and people as if they sought appointment from us. And the advises thus given free are not taken seriously by the them and thus we feel like insulted for having given the advise to the wrong person. Normally based on our past experience and the ordeal through which we went, we try to help out those who are about to start the same task and thus by advising we feel we are helping them. but they think that never sought advise would be waste.

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    Today is a day where we should not look into others lives. There are instances where we move ahead to help our friends, get stuck in problematic situations.
    One family desperately wanted finance, hence applied for loan in a bank. My friend lent a helping hand and gave an asset as guarantee. To his disguise, the family relocated to an unknown place and the guarantee was held to clear the debt.
    Advices are to be given to only those who can understand us, respect us and listen to us.

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    That is why it is better not to give advice to people. They may not take them seriously or sometimes they may say our suggestions are not good, I heard some people talking about a person who advises others for their benefit. I felt bad about that. Why they comment in an adverse way about an aged person who gives good pieces of advice. These days are like that only. There is no value for good and good suggestions.
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    Yes, that's true. Nowadays the situation is like we should peep into other's life and must not advise regarding anything until we are not asked. If someone trusts us and wants us to help him/ her, he or she will ask for the same directly us. Such help is obligations and all other unasked help are usually considered as disturbances and nothing else.

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    It is true that the suggestions which we give to the people will not be recognized properly or will not hear properly. Most of them will be asking only for some amount which will be helpful for them and not for us. Help people who are in need and not for the ones who do not care for it. During this lockdown period, the majority of people has been hit due to shortage of finance because the job market is constantly going down and many of them are not having any work to look for their family. So we can help people who are always in need and who cares as much and not for people who always mock down on wrong assumptions.
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    Usually something that comes free is considered as of less value and worth, by the receiver.
    But when he really needs it he may approach someone who may charge him more also.
    We are advised by parents and elders about staying healthy by following certain simple ways. But we will not consider that worth. Then when we fl ill, we will visit doctor and take medicine and his advice paying him his fees. The doctor also would have advises the same as our parents; like not to take cold water, not to take oily foods etc.
    This is a part of our life.

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    We should never suggest people if our suggestions aren't welcomed.

    However, if suggestion is required for our own family members or close friends who do we care a lot must suggest whether or not they ask for it but we shouldn't insist them to accept our suggestions.

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    You always used to say "Paathiram Arinthu Pitchai Idu". Similarly, before rendering any advice or suggestion, you should know the person well as to whom you are going to advise, It should not be like blowing a whistle to a deaf person.
    Very recently, through Facebook and Whatsapp, I could get a friend whom I lost touch over three decades. While talking to him, he said, "Sir, I can never forget you. Once, when I asked your advice to buy a two-wheeler, you said, " Don't go for a vehicle now." I still remember your words. I did not buy a vehicle then. Now I have two cars with me." I felt proud of him. He followed my advice.

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    It is said that never advise people without their solicit to get it from you. It is easy to preach but difficult to practice and people feel irritated when they feel they a third party is poking on them without their interest. Many are ready to give advice but if you check on them, they would be the person who is always in a problem. When you talk about friends, they would come to you for asking your suggestion or advice and that is when your advice counts otherwise it is just like pouring water on ducks back, it just flows down without making it wet. A professional charges fees for a consultation as it is his profession and he earns a living with it but when you have a good friend, he will always be ready to help you or lend an ear, always value them as they are the best people who knows you better and be able to provide you with the best advice as they know you inside-out.
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    Some people like advices and also follow them but there are many who do not like advices especially the unsolicited advices. They feel offended if you give them advice because they have not asked for it.
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