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    Beware of the news captions that are deceptive!

    "Kiran More's shocking comments on Gavaskar – 'The worst batsman of his times!' "

    This was one of the news headlines that appeared on a popular English news online website. My Eyes got stuck on those lines, it was surprising if he had said so and mind was quick enough to analyze his wicket-keeping capabilities comparing to his predecessor Syed Kirmani; the catches and stumping he missed that costed India to lose the matches etc., – all happened within a fraction of seconds. Whatever his views may be, let me click on the link to go through the complete article, I thought, and did so.

    When I completed the reading, it was a different experience shared by the former wicket-keeper and former Chief selector of the Indian team. He said that the all-time versatile world-class Indian star batsman Sunil Gavaskar was very worst at net practice. But he wondered how he could make tons of runs at the crease while playing against the world's fastest bowlers and greatest spinners. Sunny never felt unhappy when he was out for a duck or for a lower score but used to throw away the gloves forcefully after getting back to the green room while losing his wicket scoring after 30 or 40 runs. Kiran More praised his concentration on the ball while playing and his defensive strokes with perfection but failed to understand his laziness during the net practice sessions.

    The above was the gist of his interview but the news item sensationalized the article by giving caption 'The worst batsman of his times!' and removing the words 'at net practice session'. I felt uncomfortable for jumping into a decision without going through the complete text.

    This is a trend set by the media today to gain viewership or readership and we should not be confused or arrived at a conclusion without going through the complete content. So, Beware of the news captions that are deceptive!

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    By creating sensational headlines the newspapers try to bring more customers to its fold and we should not be carried away by the headlines as the content may be stressed on real facts. In Chennai we can seem most of the news paper headlines printed on the single paper and made to dangle at the shops so that people while walking would interest over some sensational news or scoop and thus forced to buy that day's paper. Actually after the advent of media and tv channels news the news papers are having less takers and that is why they create sensitive headlines and attract the customers towards it. However to know the best view of the ongoing news and happenings it is better to read the editorial of the same paper which would say the truth and that can be taken as the real reporting on the issues or the matter.
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    I agree with author that news caption especially on social media mostly is misleading. Their intention is to attract the user. More views and more subscription brings them income, so they use all tricks to let their link opened.

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    Some news channels or newspapers resort to such dirty tricks to attract the gullible readers or viewers. I think these people should be dealt by the authorities in a stern and severe way so that they do not dare to mislead the public.
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    The News given by the media is not genuine or either it is not properly checked from the reliable sources. First, they need to make sure the news given by the media is genuine or not. When such news appears on the media, it makes the people more insecure and they will not be able to step out from their home. For increasing the viewership and making the channel a hit, most of the media are not aware of their responsibilities. Why we need more media if they are not able to give proper news?. In Kerala itself we have more than 30 news channels, how can a citizen judge such channels without giving proper mandatory guidelines for media.
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    Such deceptive headings are only to draw the attention of the readers. I don't think we need to Beware of such deceptive headings. It makes the reader to be curious to read the news. It does no harm to us. Have the patience to read the news. Only thing, it should not be a fake news. In Tamil newspaper, the heading says - "Gavaskar averse to net practice. Kiran breaks the secret".
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    Yes, it is very much understood that by creating such sensational headlines, the news agencies or the correspondents kind of advertise their fare. These days it is all the more prominent because of the tough competitions these news agencies are facing on various fronts. For news, no more are people dependent upon newspapers or televisions. These days the internet and the mobile revolution has done most of the damage to these traditional mediums. Through your smartphone, you can access scores of news links just at the touch of the screen. To stay relevant in this dog eat dog world, the news agencies are resorting to all kinds of tactics to retain viewership. I am sure had the news item mentioned about the net practices in the headlines, many would not have given a second look to the news. Thanks to the craftiness of the news correspondent, you and many others went through the entire article. For these agencies, when it comes to gaining TRPs, values and ethics are just thrown down the drain.
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    Those types of news captions are click baiters. They force you to click on some links by making the captions attractive to generate viewership on their websites. Those who are contributing to ISC are very much aware of Google Adsense and how it works. It is applicable to all the websites and revenue is generated on the number of actual clicks on the advertisements. The focus of many websites remain to increase viewers anyhow and they resort to such deceptive tactics. As long as the twisted caption is limited to the news it may not be that harmful because you get to know the details by clicking the link. But we need to be aware of such click baiters since they can spread fake news and may lure people to carry out financial transactions online which can always be fraudulent. These types of things are mostly done by non-reputed and fake websites and we all need to be aware of such things.

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    That is the way they attract readers If that heading is something different, many people may not open and see that news and may simply leave those pages. Many newspapers try to give such headings and attract people.
    From tomorrow, Lockdown in Hyderabad? By seeing the heading we all may feel that the government has taken a decision of imposing lockdown. We will ignore the question mark. But when we go through the matter, it will say that as the coronavirus cases are increasing the State government may decide in another 3 or 4 days about lockdown in the city. We can have many such examples

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    Sensitive, controversial and attractive captions are given to draw our attention to the content. But there will not be any relation to the actual event reported and the caption. It was adopted generally by small time local media. But now the same disease has spread to some mainstream media too. As every TV channel or news website or newspaper look for grabbing viewership and readership the competition has become so bad that they simply churn out anything to draw people's attention. We have to be alert and careful.

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    The media newspapers and social media (Facebook and Youtube) are using such cheap captions that are deceptive and make people visit their link to find out the real content. These types of deceptive news are mostly seen on Youtube. When we search for some content, many videos are seen on the list with a similar heading but when we click them, there may not be any similarity of the video with the content. People need to be more cautious and use their sense in selecting genuine reports and media house. Nowadays, media has become a platform of making money and many are using it for the wrong purpose or for passing fake news to gain popularity or money. Many use explicit pictures or videos to make it viral and this affects the viewers and the person but they don't care. It is high time the telecom or IT department take stringent action against such social element or media house that pass wrong or fake news that tarnishes the personality of that person.
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