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    How good are homeopathy medicines

    We are fortunate that other than allopathy, we have so many other kinds of alternative medicine treatments. Some are traditional medicine systems like the Indian Ayurveda and the Chinese acupuncture. Then there are some based on belief systems, like homeopathy and naturopathy.

    Coming to homeopathy, does anyone among you use its medicines? Have you ever visited a homeopathy doctor? For many, I am sure the answer must be in the affirmative. For those not aware of the origin of homeopathy, let me add that it was the German physician Samuel Hahnemann who in 1796 gave birth to homeopathy. Homeopathy works on the doctrine of symptoms, where substances that cause symptoms in healthy people can be used to treat sick people with similar symptoms. The scientific world hasn't yet accepted homeopathy. They don't find any scientific basis in its line of treatment.

    Even though no scientific basis, at times, for commoners like us it has been very useful. On many occasions, we have visited a homeopathy doctor and continue to do so even now. Through homeopathy many of our ailments have been cured, some even complex ones. Don't know about the world, but we have complete faith in homeopathy. In fact, we have faith in all kinds of treatments, be it allopathy, homeopathy or Ayurveda. How about you, friends? Please relate your experiences with homeopathy.

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    From my childhood, I had been taking only native medicines. I do not know they are Ayurvedic or Siddha, but they are home medicines to cure our simple ailments like headache, stomach ache, cough and cold, constipation, loose motion, eye ache, earache, teeth ache, etc. During my youth days, I shifted to allopathy with rin and gin tablets like Anacin, Asprin, Novalgin, Analgin, etc. I tried some acupuncture for some of my ailments but failed to yield positive results. I never tried homeopathy.
    Once, when my son had Chickenpox, my family was asked to take some homeopathy medicine as a precaution to avoid the spread of chickenpox among the family members. I had them, It proved to be effective. No one in our family had chickenpox.

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    There is a typo in the thread. Homoeopathy came to existence around 1796.
    I found the homoeopathic medicines very effective. You need to consult a good homoeopathic doctor and tell all the problems. I do not think that homoeopathy works on the belief system but it works on the symptoms of the patient. It may not have the approval of the respective authorities, yet homoeopathic treatment is followed in many places. When you have some health complications you want relief from it and there may not be a single way to get rid of such complications. Most of the homoeopathic medicines are made from natural substances and we all know the healing power of such substances. Maybe more research is required to establish its effectiveness in a scientific way.


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    Yes, Mr Dhruv I also believe in Ayurveda and Homoeopathy a lot. Allopathy has side effects but these two systems of medicines do not have any side effects. The medicines of both the systems are prepared by the plant's products and no chemicals are generally used. So, both are the best alternatives to allopathy medicine.

    Ayurveda is the best treatment. I am providing an example. The daughter of one of my colleague was diagnosed with a hole in the heart. At that time the doctors told that there is no treatment and she would have only some years to live. My colleague was very upset. And he consulted a Vaidhya near Neemuch of M.P. Fortunately, after 2 years of treatment she became all right. Now she had two children and living his life normally.

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    Though many don't believe in the Homoeopathic system but if the symptoms are truly revealed before the Homoeopath, the medicine prescribed by the doctor would certainly yield positive results. In course of long queries made by the doctor, one should have patience to respond the queries without any irritation. The doctor would match the symptoms narrated by the patients with the medicine exhibiting the same symptoms. Such an analysis takes its own timing. The Homoeopath does not eliminate the disease but its symptoms unlike the other systems where treating the disease is the main solution. Needless to say, those practicing in the Homoeopathy, need to apply their minds with full concentration to match the symptoms of the patients with the appropriate medicine. Hence the doctor must be a good listener apart from his analytical approach to choose the right medicine so as to have the permanent cure.

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    Thanks, Sankalan for pointing out the error. I mentioned the belief system in the sense that while preparing a homeopathy medicine, a certain substance is repeatedly diluted by mixing it with distilled water, ethanol or even plain sugar. The dilution is done to such a level that the final product is devoid of any molecule of the original substance. During these repeated dilutions the product is often shaken violently or struck hard in the belief that the final product will remember the original substance even after its complete removal. This is the basis of preparing a homeopathic medicine and I mentioned the belief system on such grounds.
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    If you don't have faith in the doctor who is treating you or the type of medicine it will never work. This is the observation I made with my father. My father wants the doctor to hear us patiently and ask some questions and then prescribe medicines. When he is having a problem I took him to a specialist in Hyderabad. That doctor is a very famous doctor. He has not given sufficient time to my father but prescribed medicine. My father is not satisfied but used the medicine for 10days and no improvement he said. Then I have taken him to another specialist. This doctor gave sufficient time to my father, enquired more details and the prescribed medicine. When I have seen the medicine it is the same as that of what the other doctor prescribed, but the make is different. My father started using it and it started giving positive results in 5 or 6 days.
    I used homoeopathy medicines many times and we have a known doctor. His medicine will give always positive results only and my wife will go for either ayurvedic or homoeopathy only.

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    In homeopathy the toxins derived from nature and culture are diluted to ten thousand times the portion by distilled water or alcohol generally. Dilution may vary. There is just a ridiculously low amount of key ingredient in the end homeopathic pill. Because of such low potency of the key ingredient homepathy is never seen in good light by mainstream medicine. Also, during the inception of homeopathy we only began learning about the original cause of diseases.
    I do not believe in homeopathy. It seems to be a far fetched idea of medicine to me. But if you believe enough, it might just work for you. And I look at some Western medicine tablets that contain only 300 or 650 mg/lit of key ingredient. But the crazy dilutions that happen at Homeopathy is no where near the 300 or 650 mg/lit of dilution. So homepathy is something I will always have a tough time believing in.

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    I do not have any personal experience on Homoeopathy medicines. But in Kerala I see many Homeopathy doctors and many people visit them and get cured also. I have also see many people who discontinue Allopathic treatment as they did not get good results, and change to Homeopathy and later say that they have got improvement and feeling better.

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    There are some traditional and conventional medicine systems in the world which are not scientifically proved as that type of clinical test is not done for them as usually done for the Allopathic medicines. In absence of the clinical confirmation we cannot comment on that except that our own experience of taking that. This is a very big subject to talk about whether Homeopathy / Siddha / Ayurveda / Naturopathy / Acupuncture / Aromatherapy / Herbal / Chinese traditional medicines etc are clinically tested genuine scientific methods or not but one thing is sure that until unless one is sure that by doing what one got cured, one should not give the credit to that branch of medicine. It creates confusion in the minds of common and gullible people. They are totally misled also. Many times two persons suffer with same thing and take two different things. One takes turmeric and other takes ginger and both are cured and both fight with each other that his herb was the real thing. Actually both might had been cured due to their respective body resistance and immune system only. I am not against the alternative medicines but sometimes we have to think about these things rationally and logically also.
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