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    Do we need Wild Animals or Wild People?

    In recent days, we have seen that the Wild Animals are either caught and killed through crackers by the People. The main problem for such cause is they are destroying the personal property of the People, but we need to protect such Wild Animals in future and if we go beyond killing then we will not have any kind of Wild Animals shortly. People get mad because they are not able to live peacefully in the area. Can the government be able to tackle this situation by placing fencing in the critical areas?. Give your suggestions and views on the topic. This is my entry for ISC 13th Birthday Special- A thread a day challenge
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    There have always been issues with wild animals and human habitations. With rapid deforestation due to activities like agriculture, mining, industries and for settling the ever-growing human population, the worst affected had always been the wild animals. We humans have, in fact, reduced their habitation. We have encroached their land for the benefit of the growth of human civilization. Then there are the numerous incidences of poaching. As long as there are demands for items like ivory, leather, rhino horns and other such things especially in countries like China, we won't be able to bring a solution to this issue. How much we may try with forest guards and similar other resources, there are always gaps that make the wild animals vulnerable to poachers and as it happened in Kerala, even to common villagers.

    Fencing alone won't be able to solve this issue, because at most places, it us humans who have encroached their lands and not vice versa. So it should be the other way round. All such encroached places should be vacated of human settlements. People who live in such settlements should be made aware of the consequences of residing in forest lands and should also be provided with alternative accommodation and employment far from the forests. A big effort in educating the people about our ecosystem of which the wild animals too are a part should be made to solve this issue long term.

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    Animals only threaten us when they feel threatened. Moreover, what about humanity within us? It is we who have to understand that wild animal are a part of our ecosystem. Their extinction is going to disturb the already disturbed ecosystem. If we want to continue to threaten nature, we can willingly do so by harming every living being on this earth. If we want to create a perfect balance, we should stop poaching and harming them and live in harmony.

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    First we need forests and then send Wild animal and wild humans to the deep forests to live together. If we have dense forest, the wild animals will live there. But even then some humans will be wild. They do not have any scruples and will kill innocent animals and innocent animals too.

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    Deforestation should be stopped. We should compensate for the loss of forests that are cut by planting more and more trees. Then these wild animals will be safe in these forests and will not come to the fields and villages. That is to be taken care of by the government. No one should be given permission for cutting trees in the forests.

    Wild animals should be brought to Zoos and keep them there and protect them. If any person finds such animals near their places they should inform the police and they should take appropriate action to handover these animals to the nearest Zoos.

    People should also cooperate and should not attempt for killing the animals. It is our responsibility to see that these wild animals will not get killed.

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    Human beings are hunting animals for their skin to make money but these days we can notice that few animals are out of he forests and are visible in the cities. So it is vice-versa now. Even though the Government is taking measures the culprits have various other routes to jump onto the forests.
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    This is brutal and pathetic to treat the animals like that. These animals are the part of our habitat and are to be preserved. The problem is that they are to be kept in the jungles or sanctuaries only and should not be entering the cites in any case. But this is a herculean task and Govt should give it to some big private companies.
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    Every state has the forest department and every state has the zoo to safeguard and nurture the animals. If the animals proved to wild. the people have no right kill the same and instead they should inform the forest department or zoo officials to catch the same and be caged in the zoo. Or the forest department can catch those problematic animals and leave them in deep forests away from the human habitat. Like this the wild life can be saved. Killing is the bad thought and the way a elephant in Kerala and a cow in North has been made to kill through crackers given through the fruit and food is foolish and cowardice act.
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    We need everything for a balanced ecosystem. As written that "People are getting mad because they are not able to live peacefully in the area as these wild animals are killing and destroying the personal property of the People. Can we blame the wild animals for it or is it the humans who are to be blamed? We have encroached the jungles where they lived peacefully but by our greed and lust, we have intruded their habitat which makes them come out for food and water. These wild animals were present even before and we had some issues but not like these as it is becoming difficult to handle. When we encroach their land, where can they go, what can they eat and how will they live? We need to understand that when we follow a guideline, they too will follow it and they won't disturb us. Human lives are more precious but are we not the one to be blamed? Let us try to save our ecosystem by maintaining a balance between everything in it and live a peaceful life.
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    I feel that wild people are more dangerous and a rogue to the society. You can keep the wild animals away by cardoning them away in their habitat but cannot escape from the wild people as they would be very near to you making harm anytime.
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