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    Let creativity and imagination flourish

    We all are creative in one or the other field. Some of us can draw well. Others can paint. Some of us can instantly compose poems or write stories. Some of us can make use of waste materials and prepare a useful object from it. We all have that innovator characteristic within us. While we were kids, we used to spend some time getting creative. As we grew older, some of us on our own and others being discouraged by elders neglected our hobbies. We felt that there are more important things to be done in life.

    Creativity is as good as an exercise to the brain. Exercise boosts physical health and creativity is good for mental health. When our brain remains busy and active in our creative work, it also enhances our learning and grasping ability. Creativity encourages our imaginative skills. Thus, we will be able to come up with unique innovation. When we are innovative, it is for sure we will succeed in our life. It is because new and innovative ideas are always welcome in the world, irrespective of the field we choose as a career.

    How many of you agree with me that we should not suppress our creativity and spare some time daily doing what we like? How many of you feel that it is not so important? Kindly share your views.

    It is an entry for A thread a day challenge contest.
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    Yes, I agree with the author. Every day we must do some creative work and by doing it our brain works properly and we will be able to think out of the box. We can give good suggestions and can write on different topics with more creative and productive. Here in ISC itself, we have the example, where we are seeing more participation in the TOW contest and A Thread A Day Challenge. Every sector needs more innovations and experiments, then only we will come up with good products which give more benefit for the companies. We will improve our language effectively and thereby we can write good quality articles.
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    Creativity is a special quality. All cannot be creators. Only very few are blessed with such a sense of creativity. Creativity doesn't fit in all areas of life. There are only few areas where creativity will be appreciated. A manufacturing unit may require people with a sense of creativity. An office clerk need not be creative. They follow a mechanical system.
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    Creativity is an attribute in the positive and constructive territory. Many people are having creative talents while others are striving for it. There is a difference between creativity and normal job or task. When we attempt to do a normal task then it is guided by some rules and procedures and we have to blindly follow it otherwise it would not be successful or get approval of the higher authorities. Creativity sometimes leads to innovation also. Creative people get immense satisfaction from their creations. It could be any area but creativity is possible everywhere. It depends upon the person and his creative potential.
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    I agree with the author. Creativity in people should be allowed to flourish. We should not suppress and see that it will die down. If a kid is singing a song if we encourage him, he will improve in that line. But many parents and discourage and say that first concentration on studies. After that, you can think off singing. This will demotivate the child and he may stop singing. So discouraging the people who are creative is very bad. I feel we should encourage such children to practice in the field they are interested so that they will flourish in that field.
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    It is imperative to explore ourselves and see that to what extent we can be as creative than others in many respects. Once the creativity is established then innovating ideas with new imagination would be a simple process. For example my wife started to stitch masks for our family members and when she done some five samples it looked impressive and creative ideas appreciated by our family members and also outsiders. And now she has become master in creating the same masks with designer kalamkari materials which is the instant hit with the ladies and the selling is also picked up. And that is the innovation idea of imagination for you.

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    Just as a seed germinates when the right weather or environment occurs, our genuine creative talent will come out when there is right environment. However if the conducive and supporting environment is available early itself, earlier then the talents and creativity will show early itself and get developed to its full potential. Nowadays there are very good opportunities for talented people to bring out their talents through TV channels, social media platforms and other venues. There is all-round encouragement also available now. So we are seeing many child prodigies too.

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    Mohan Sir has given a perfect example of his wife to explain my post. Everyone in the family allowed Mrs.Mohan's creative work to flourish. It inspired her to work more and progress ahead. On the other hand, discouragement and criticism could have put an end to creativity.

    Secondly, every one of us is creative. It is just that most of us don't know this fact. We only know about fields such as singing, dancing, drawing, painting, writing and a few more. As we are not able to excel well in these skills, we feel that we are not creative. These are popular ones. However, there are many more. There might be something that we are good at. Some of us know what we are good at, and others are yet to explore.

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