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    Happy Guru Purnima to all

    Today is the Guru Purnima. In India, this day is celebrated to honour our teachers (Guru). Guru (Teacher) is the most respected person in the society. Kabir das Ji has shown the importance of teacher in his Doha, he had compared a teacher with god and found that we know God through our teacher.

    I on this day, remember all my teachers, and due to their efforts, I am also a teacher. All the members of ISC are also my teachers as I have learnt many things here from everybody. So, happy Guru Purnima to all the members of ISC.

    This is my entry for ISC 13th Birthday Special- A thread a day challenge- Participate and win prizes!
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    My best wishes to all on this auspicious day of Guru Purnima. We have many gurus (teachers) in our lives and our learning continues throughout life. I offer my respect and gratitude to all my gurus on this special day though it cannot be limited to a particular day. Happy Guru Purnima!

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    My best wishes to all my fellow ISCians on this Guru Poornima Day. Poornima comes every month. But this Poornima is a special Poornima to pay our respects to our Gurus who taught us the good to lead a beautiful life. I just started recollecting the names of my teachers who taught me from class I (I did not go to pre-KG or LKG or UKG). I am happy to share their names of those teachers here.

    1 & 2. Miss Bhoopathi 3. Mrs. Ebenezer 4. Mrs Packiyathai 5. Mr. Subramanya Iyer. 6. Mr Shunmugam Pillai.
    7. Mr. Gopal Iyer. 8. Mr. Govindan 9. Mr. Naidu 10. Mr. Seetharama Iyer 11. Mr. Lakshminarayana Pillai.
    In addition, My Hindi teachers. Mr. Ramanuja Iyengar & Mr. Sethu Ramalingam Pillai. My PT Teacher Mr. Nalliah. My drawing master Mr. Pakshiraja Pillai. My typing teacher Mr. Mani. (All are living in Heaven now)

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    I formally record my respect and regards to all my teachers who taught me at different level. In fact my maternal grandmother was my first Guru after formal initiation ceremony. Though she had not attended school, she taught me a lot. So I consider her as mu Guru also and prostrate on her memory. Then I prostrate before memory of my father who taught me life by his own life.
    Though I got many stereotyped Whatsapp greetings on Guru Purnima, there was one which was a bit different. It was a question mark bending and touching and exclamation mark's feet.

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    Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Gurur Devo Maheswara
    Guru Sakshat Para Brahma, Tasmisri gurave Namaha.
    On this Guru Pournima day, I salute all the Gurus starting from Sada Siva, through Sankaracharya up to my Guru.

    This is the Guru who gave us Knowledge and taught us the ethics of life. They taught us the importance of Values in life. They have shown us the way to live and they enhanced our wisdom. So our today's position is because of their teachings only.

    I want to record my gratitude and salutations to my PhD Guide Prof. N. Krishna Murty, who helped me in procuring my Doctorate degree and because of that degree only I got many honours during my career. I owe my life to him. If I am not recording my respects to him on this day I may be failing in my duty.

    Many teachers who taught me from Ist standard, my parents and grandparents are also my Gurus and I salute all of them on this day for their untired efforts to educate me.

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