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    How to know if it is a genuine or fake offer?

    Last week I got an offer letter from Indian consultancy Overseas Opportunities Immigration Consultancy. I wish to know if it is genuine or a scam. Does anyone know or can anyone explain how to find out?
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    First of all, look out for the sender's email address. Most of the spammers out there do not have a proper email address. Verify the email from that on the official page of the organization name from where they are claiming that they have sent the email. Fake offer letters usually claim for money and the process for getting a job might be looking very simple in the fake offer. For example, I really offer involves an interview, selection, and other processes. Fake offers will straightway give you the job and ask you to transfer money to some account. I would also suggest to call the office and get confirmation from them that you have received from them only. If you receive any email of this sort, always do a through check of the sender.

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    We are getting a lot of such messages in our inbox and in my experience most of them are fake and if not fake then in the nature of advertising. We must ignore them and should not open as it might contain virus also. Anything which you have not asked is to be seen with doubt and suspicion in your inbox. It could be an act of phasing also by some fake site.
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    There is one typo error in the last line in my preceding post -
    Please read 'phasing' as 'phishing'

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    If the offer letter comes to you without asking for then I feel it is a scam to trap you further in the name of offering overseas job and later they would ask you to pay some money to send offer letter and so on. When the situation across the world is fluid due to pandemic and many nations are following the strict lock down rules, then how come such offers come from the other countries. The online fraud has been increased during this trying times and the people should be alert not to believe in any offers and largess which are not sought at all. So beware and never give credence to such messages.
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    These are all never correct mails. They are all fake. These days we have seen that many employment agencies are viewing our Bio-Data and sending some mails like that. When we respond or correspond with them, they say first of all we have to register and for that, we have to pay some money. This is a business and we may have to be very careful in corresponding with them. Just ignore the message. That is the best option.
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    At first, you must check whether consultancy is registered under Norka Roots of Indian Government. If the offer letter is not having a proper description and remuneration, then the offer will be a fake one. During these days we can see that more emails are coming daily and it is only to loot money from our hard-earned amount. Don't get trapped in such mistakes and if you face any problems, please lodge a complaint to your nearest police and file a case against the firm. There are hundreds of agencies working under one belt to loot money from the public. Always it is difficult to find whether the agency is a good one or not.
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    Nowadays many such scams and frauds are being carried out by the people online and email is the most easiest to use for this purpose. I think that we have to be very careful in not opening the doubtful and unsolicited emails from outside sources.
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    All the offers that demands the deposit of money are fake. It is a money-making site with fake call letters. Never open any such mails. Anyone offering a job without receiving an application from you is fake appointment letters. This world is full of fraud. Beware and don't get lured by them.
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