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    Do you think identity is required if there is no communication?

    We all have a name and along with it a lot of other identities. Though the name of two persons may be common, in that case, the other identities such as the surname or date of birth come into our aid to differentiate between the two. We have a lot of identity cards too that helps to distinguish each one accurately. We have identity cards for various purposes. One for financial things, one for government schemes and so on. Each has its own purpose and in some cases, you may need to give the details of all your identity cards. See, only humans have the prerogative to name things and they have named each thing to help them identify it. Other species cannot name their fellows and identify each other with the help of their senses. Neither they have identity cards nor do they make mistake to identify each other. But why we really need an identity? The sole purpose is just to differentiate between the two but if there is no communication among us do we really need a different name or identity card for that? In the case of devices, they all have a common name and there is no need to differentiate them. The concept of identity or addresses of the devices arises only if they communicate between them. Otherwise, they all belong to a common group. Is the same thing applies to us? If we do not communicate with each other in any way do we still require to be identified?

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    Human beings only need such identities as their world is big and they have many desires and wishes. The wish list of an animal is very limited and the same list of a human being a very big one. For an animal food is sufficient. But for a human being, there are many needs. So he wants to get those wishes fulfilled. In this process, he has to meet many people and introduce himself and get the work done. For this purpose, he may need some identity card to say that he is so and so. So I think the question of identity comes when we have to correspond or deal with others.
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    It is true that identities emerges only in the competing world and not for people who can peacefully lead their life. Identities are all just a medium of communication to stand out from the crowd. When one person is having higher quality than another person, the higher quality person will be hired by the company. Given the corporate world, one must emerge with different skills to get stand better from other people. We need to have some qualities in our life which will be good for our career rather than just mugging up the things. In our normal life, most of the people tend to stay low in their profile and have an easy-going job without hurting their sentiments in life. This is true for all kind of people that we need identities for our skills and not for persons.
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    Human beings are special creations of God with an additional sense which is the sixth sense. This sense is not with animals. The sixth sense is the ability to read, write, understand and speak which is not with animal beings. This sixth sense compels an identity as to know who the person is. A name is the first identity of a human being. Their initial (the name of their parents) is another identity of a person. The location (address) is the third identity of a person. Further, it goes with their education and profession. A name is a very essential identity to initiate any communication.
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    The identity is as perceived by the other person. Even if we have a real name and address, we may be known as Kaala, Gora, Taklu, Tingu, Lambu,Dhaadivallah, kaana etc. Earlier it was a trend to know someone by the company he worked with. For example Voltas Viswanath, Godrej Gopi, SBI Shyamala etc. Alternatively they may shorten our name. Aditya will become Adi, Neelambari will become Neelu etc.etc. Where does our identity go?
    Another way to say is we feed crows, dogs etc. They also come consistently to get their share if we give every day. Do we identify any crow by name or even by its colour? Sometimes we may see a slightly less black one, a one legged one etc. Similarly we may see a dog daily following us in the street loyal to the biscuit we give every day. We communicate with it saying go, come sit, over now go etc. Does it show its Aadhaar card? We give it some name as we feel.
    So identity known to us may not be relevant to others. They will perceive us in their own way.

    Nowadays we are becoming just numbers. After some times we will be just vbar code. No other identity. We will be justtagged at airport, bus stations, banks, exam halls etc by some QR code tag or IFRD tag.

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    So, all we can say is identity is required to let others know who we are. It's to communicate our presence to others. Venkiteswaran Sir @ #702150, it's true that many times we love to identify others in our own way and give some names but we all have a particular identity to the outer world in the form of a name, identity card numbers, etc. As you said, a time may come when we all will be having numbers/bar codes instead of names and that will be our only identity.

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    In primitive times when people lived in the secluded and far off tribes cut off from each other geographically as well as cut of through any type of remote communication, there was no identity required. What they required was a name which distinguished them from each other or at most followed by fathers name to avoid confusion between the same name people. Today we are a highly gregarious and social human race and without identity nothing would work. If you search your name in Google or any other search engine you would find lakhs of people showing their profile there. How to distinguish between them. Through identity cards or numbers only.
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