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    Cell phones should be banned in schools

    Today we all are addicted to our phones. Even some schools have allowed having mobile phones in school. Students who are not allowed to bring mobile in schools try to bring the phone and hide them from teachers or administrators. Earlier, Cell phones had strictly banned on school premises. Indeed that previous rules make a lot of sense for students as they can not use their cell phones during school hours.

    Schools should not be allowed students to bring mobile phones because students get distracted, waste their crucial time on it, and further increase the chance of cheating among students. Cell phones create a continuous distraction to students as it beeps on every notification. We will agree on this fact that we always remain eager to check out that notification. Whenever somebody texts in class, it receives other people's attention and makes it hard for students to learn.
    Therefore, schools should ban mobile phones for students, so that they can learn productively.
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    Mobile phones are the root cause of our lack of concentration. When the teacher is giving the lecture or teaching, the students in the backbenches will be playing games on their mobiles. So the very purpose of going to school is defeated. So I agree with the author that in school we should not allow students to bring their smartphones. They may bring normal phones which can be used only for communication. Even avoiding these phones is good. But these days, keeping the conditions in society just normal mobile phones can be given.
    Even in offices also many employees waste their time by spending time with their cell phones. That is why some companies will not allow cell phones to the workplace. Even in the houses, we see many people sitting with mobiles and neglects important works. This is to be avoided.

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    Cell phones should not be allowed in class. Students get addicted to games and social media. Students use the message options to fiddle with their mobiles and get distracted during the class hours. They forget their breaks and cannot concentrate on their school routines.
    These days students are using mobiles too but cannot be restricted as the online classes are going on.

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    Why? If we can try and conduct online classes for children, what is the problem in having a Mobile phone with them. The world has changed. Technology has changed. The mobile phone has become part and parcel of our life from young children to old. Despite being a communication gadget, it is a weapon for safety and security. This world is filled with frauds and crooks. A mobile phone is a boon for all to lead a safe and secure life on earth. I would say 'Yes' for Mobilephone for students. However, students should be advised to use them sparingly only for essential requirements.
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    Having mobile phones in the classroom will get more distraction and we tend to lose our concentration in studies. If it is a co-education school the mobile phone will be misuse for them. We can educate students for not having mobile phones on class hours but promote them for using at critical times as the online education has emerged and we need to change ourselves to be updated in the world. The class teacher must give a fixed time for using mobile phones and after that time, they should take away the mobile phones and must give a locker room for it. Cheating can happen if they use mobile phones for in-class hours. We must teach Boys to behave well against the Girls and must educate them on how to behave ourselves in the world. A lot of cases is emerging without the knowledge of the technical side and every parent must make sure that their children are not going into the wrong hands of the people.
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    Cell phones are the source of distraction being taught in the class. For different students, the purpose of carrying a cell phone is different from student to student. However, it is sure that they are not serious to the class lessons affecting the process of learning. Once there is a call from the cell phone, the concentration of the entire class is affected. Hence most of the schools in the earlier days had banned its entry in the class premises. Now there has been a relaxation in this norm.
    The solution lies in its restricted use during the school hours. The time of attending the cell phone should be fixed so that the guardians too should be aware of such timing so as to establish contact with any one they would like to have.

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    It is ironical that this topic is now discussed. The situation has become topsy-turvy. While mobile phones were banned to be brought to school, now schools are brought into mobile phones.
    We just cannot reverse this now. It has become a fait accompli. It will stay so only. Note book and text books may be replaced by Smartphone.
    The students have the last laugh before teachers and parents who were prohibiting mobile phones to them.

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    Earlier some schools tried to ban the mobile in the campus but slowly things change and now many schools are allowing them. If we keep a discipline and tell the students that no one should use it in class for distraction then they would understand and avoid using it.
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    I do not think mobile phones are allowed in any school. If at all some students are taking a phone with them then that is at their own risk. Every school that I know doesn't allow the usage of mobile phones by students in the classrooms or anywhere inside the school premises. If at all anyone is caught with a mobile, the phone is seized and the parents are informed of the demeanour by their child. However, some schools do allow tablets for usage by the students for study purpose. In such tabs, all other applications are disabled except for the ones that are of use for the study purpose. And yes, with the changed circumstances, the school has been brought into mobile phones. Many who do not own laptops are tablets, make use of phones for the online classes. That way mobile phones have now come up as very useful gadgets for studies.
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