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    This proverb may not hold good these days

    We all know the proverb ' Slow and Steady Wins the race'. We all might have heard the hare and the tortoise story. All will expect that hare will win. But hare lost the race because of its complacency. Even though the tortoise is slow, its steadiness brought the victory.

    Now we all know that it is the age of competition and unless and otherwise, we run we can't reach the destination. Slowness will be a detrimental factor these days. So all want to be quick and fast only. Only people who are fast and quick may win the rays. Hence I feel this proverb may not hold good these days,
    Can this proverb be changed as 'Quick and steady wins the race'? Members, what is your idea on this matter.

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    One cannot be steady while in quick or fast or hurry. One can be steady only when they are slow and stable. Hence, Your new proverb will not be acceptable. The good old proverb "Slow and steady wins the race" stands good forever.
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    It can be amended as ' Smart and schemy wins the race' too.But I feel taht still the old saying holds good. The one with real merit will get recognise , may be a bit late.

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    I feel that it is never about pace. Speed does not matter at all. It is the steadiness that matters. If we are focused and persistently moving towards our goal, we will win the race. Even if we are taking one step at a time, we will make it to the goal. Also, the story concludes the same. Everyone can easily predict that the race between hare and tortoise will be in favour of hare thinking that hare is way faster than the tortoise. However, the complete opposite takes place. It is because hare showed overconfidence and shifted his focus.

    First of all, I feel that life is not about competition, and thus, we should never look at other racers. All we have to do is keep running on our track. As soon as we spare some time to look at them, it will shift our focus and cost us a few seconds.

    Age-old proverbs can never be wrong. No matter how modern we get and advanced we become, these proverbs will always be there to guide us.

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    The proverb seems very good when you consider life as a race. But is it really a race that has to be won? Then what will happen to those who will lose the race? I am sure it's not going to be an end of the road for them. I am twisting the tale of the tortoise and hare a little. Suppose in that tale the hare runs in its own speed till the end. The outcome would be as usual because the hare wins and the tortoise loses and in that case, it won't be a story at all. In the actual story rather than focusing on who wins the race, another important thing is there to learn. That is not to be overconfident and demean others in life. If it's a race you need to be quick for sure to win it and you have to be steady too. I interpret the inner meaning of the popular story in a different way which is not related to race so I will go for a quote not related to race.

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    The proverb ' Slow and Steady Wins the Race' still holds good with time as we all know the story of the proverb. The hare ran fast to reach the finish line and as obvious, we all know that when we compare the Hare with the Tortoise, the hare is gonna win. The hare got over-confident and in that thought of taking rest or nap and that nap took so long that the tortoise slowly and steadily i.e. with consistent effort won the race. When we talk about the race of life, it is not how fast you run or try but it is how consistent you are. When you keep on trying and constantly making effort, a day will come when you will be able to win the race. It is not always about the speed as a single mistake can make you fall but when you are slow and steady but is constantly working towards your goal, no one will be able to hold you from winning.
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    No, the old proverb always holds good at any time. Actually the proverb teaches us for winning any race or competition, the individual must have discipline, steadyness and one shouldn't have recklessness. Thinking others weakness as their win sometimes faulters us and result in defeat for them.

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    Slow and steady wins the race is acceptable. During lockdown people, were supplied free milk every day but a lot of people rushed to get and got infected. Few people were just spectators and once the crowd reduced managed to get it some days only. It holds good to the proverb. So if we rush for gaining small benefits we end up in problems.
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    The meaning of the old proverb is very interesting. It says that the person who is patient enough and does his work with meticulous planning and steadiness, gets to the desired goal. Slowly does not mean dull here actually it means patience. Steady means consistent. So a mixture of these two important entities is the mantra for success in life and hence the proverb that says that slowly and steadily wins the race.
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    These days chances are less and many are there to participate in the race and we may be very fast but we can't be complacent and we should try hard. That is my idea in making this thread.
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