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    How often can you relate to your imagination?

    Imagination shows the path to opportunities. If we are able to knock the right opportunity then we can fulfil our dreams.
    The inspirational stories written by great authors were from their imaginations.

    The imagination of mind is quicker than the speed of light. We imagine so many realistic and non-realistic aspects of our daily lives. A few people can relate to their perceived imagination while others cannot.

    How often can you relate to your imagination? If you are able to do it regularly, you are stepping ahead towards success.

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    Imagination of a person cannot be restricted. It just flows like a river, stops on reaching the ocean.
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    Imagining is in the nature of conjecturing. We imagine things and become happy. They might not turn in reality. So, one can imagine whatever one wants but in real life it does not happen. Hence imagination also has to be realistic and achievable. It should relate to the actual world around us. Then only it would be worth of the efforts.
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    Imaginations are merely unfulfilled dreams which never come true. However, In exceptional cases what we often have imagined is somehow materialized as serendipity. People of day dreaming or those who rapt in imaginations remain far from realities of life. However, thinking about any unprecedented theory or idea for creativity or invention is absolutely a different matter as these people intend to bring their thinking into reality. Like H. G. Wells's essay 'Foot print without feet' gave a new idea about invisibility of human being which inspired even movie producers/directors to present this unique idea on silver screen- Hollow man or Mr India can be cited here.

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    Imagination has many ways to fly and then come back again to our mind. We imagine such things which are not possible and yet cherish those imagination during the dreams. What I noticed that when we think of one particular matter or the person to whom we like the most , our imagination is also centered through that person even during the dreams. We feel like going with him to other countries, enjoying the best things in life and even having exotic food and purchasing costly clothes and visiting so many unknown places. All this happens only in imagination while we are dreaming deep and that enjoyment has no bounds. Some dreams have stupid ways of thinking to which we get laughs to ourselves when wake up. All these things happen because our mind is not sleeping and it is always alert to cherish new way of life.
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    I do fascinate when reading fictional stories that were written decades ago but is taking place in the present age. People have written about planes, viruses, drones, giants, magic, treasures, nuclear weapons, supernatural powers, artificial intelligence, wireless communications, wars, etc and many of them are getting true. The things that once were said to be stupid or illusion are now in reality. Many of our gurus, scientists and scholars had great vision and imagination that they would predict or foretell things in advance. Imagination is an art that can do wonders and the person who has the ability can pen some beautiful and creative stories. When we read some of the books or read about some writers who have written articles or stories in the old centuries, many of the things are converting to reality. The imagination power of great scholars who used their pen to write it was once called fools or buffoons are praised for their work in the 21st century. It is rightly quoted that " What is now proved was once only imagined."
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    Imagining is not a bad trait or bad habit but my experience in this field is that I have never seen my imagination to convert in reality. Things happen totally in some other direction and I just stand there watching them happening helplessly. But I am not desperate as I have taken things in its stride only.
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    A writer writes through his imaginative skills and connects to the real world. We may not know him by the person initially but through his eork, he gains a place in our minds.
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