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    If given a chance,what would you like to be - A writer or a speaker?

    Dear All,
    If you are given a chance to select one among the two, which one would you choose? To be a good writer or to be a good speaker.

    Both writers and speakers need to be proficient in the language. While a writer can take their own sweet time to write, a speaker will have to go with the time.

    Some enjoy reading, and some enjoy listening to speeches.

    Which one do you like to be - a good writer or a good public speaker? And why?

    This is my 5/15 (5th July 2020) thread for ISC's 13th Birthday Challenge contest.
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    I like to be a regular writer occasionally going for speaking. Writing can be done whenever we have time and when we interest and we can continue it as much time as we want. But speaking will depend on the listener's convenience also. The time is fixed, the subject is fixed and the duration is also fixed. So the liberty for a speaker is less whereas the liberty for a writer will be more. Both require some special skills and also a good vocabulary.
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    If given a chance to become a writer or speaker, I would chose to speak as much as can as varied as can in many subjects. I love to interact and talk with others and from their own feedback I can expand my talking abilities instantly. What I feel that writing is easy and can be constant flow if the ideas emanate in our mind but talking is something which happens live and we should not fumble or make mistake before the audience. And those who talk sense would always have rapt attention audience and that would give the pep up feeling to talk more and talk sense and thus interaction takes place with varied interest.
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    I would like to become a writer, as there is enough time for creative work and can improve our skills when compared to speaking as it needs fixed time for it. The world around us is having immense opportunities for creative skills as the topics are varied and we can select according to our wish. As for the speaker, the audience will be less if we do not boost ourselves and our profile will not be attended. During this time it is better to write something which encourages us and thereby improves the vocabulary and also our creative skills.
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    I would like to be a speaker. I can see my audience and respond i a way they want. A writer knows about how his writing was received, much later only.
    A speaker is dealing face to face with his audience. So there is a bond of genuinity. But a book or article can be ghost written also. A speaker gets input from his audience and his own knowledge will improve from the pre/post speech interaction with the audience and organisers.
    Frankly speaking, I am a good speaker in real life and have addressed many audiences, right from my school and college days.

    I would like to know the author's choice.

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    My choice is to be a good writer as well as a speaker. As I was an Instructor, my writing and speaking go together parallelly. However, my writing overtakes my speaking. As of now, I have no chance to speak but write only. Writing needs no preparation, whereas speaking needs some preparation.

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    I am comfortable in both as a writer and as a speaker as well. I just love to explore various means of communication. I believe writing is as good as speaking your mind with pen or keyboard.
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    A teacher should possess both these good qualities as they have to converse with students fluently while they explain a topic. Similarly a teacher must be a good writer with rich vocabulary without which he cannot explain his ideas by giving different examples. So I fully enjoyed as a speaker while I am teaching my topics and also as a writer during my teaching profession.

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    I will definitely like to be a speaker, a public speaker, to be precise. To be a public speaker is the most difficult of tasks. I have been a teacher in a college for more than 3 years. But then speaking to a class on a topic that you are well-versed is quite different than public speaking. Let me tell you one incident which happened during my stay at this college. Though in class I used to speak very confidently, on one occasion, a few of us teachers were asked to come on stage during a cultural function. Though I wanted to say a few words to the audience, I could not gather the courage to speak. Had to leave the stage without speaking. The same thing happened with another teacher too. Ever since I have tried every opportunity to speak in front of an audience. Things have improved a lot, but still, I get the creeps when I have to speak in front of a large audience. I sure want to master the art of public speaking. Someone there to help me?
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    I do like writing but I would choose to speak. It involves lots of people, we can meet and share their ideas. I love a few speakers as their presentations are remarkable and make a deep impact on my mind.
    So I would love to learn more skills in speaking to improvise and kindle the light hidden deep in the minds of the youngsters, to make them better citizens and serve in pride for their family and nation.

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    Being a stage shy person my take would be writing. I started writing quite early when my stories and recipes got published in some leading Hindi magazines. That gave me a boost for writing but it was only when I encountered ISC that I started to write forum posts, articles, question-answers etc. Then came the biggest challenge and that is the contests here. I think it is the contests which have helped me in improving my write ups significantly. I try to take part in them as much as possible. Every time there is a new challenge and it is exciting because competition is also much there.
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    I am comfortable with writing, and thus, I would prefer to be a writer. When it comes to being a speaker, I have stage fright, and also, it is something that is out of my comfort zones. I like to work at my own pace and also, because of that I prefer being a writer.

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    Well, I got a chance here on this platform to write so now I am writing. By doing so I am trying to write on a regular basis and this is indeed a good practice. Now if I get any chance anywhere to speak, I will be speaking also. When it will be a habit, I think I would be able to speak on various occasions. After that, if I get a chance to choose between speaking and writing I will choose speaking because there will be a lot of face to face interaction. It will not be limited to a particular issue and will be on various aspects. But till I am getting a chance to speak let me stick to writing for the time being.

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    If I have to choose from the two, I will have to go blank as I am neither a good writer nor a good speaker. To become a good writer or a good speaker, one needs to have good knowledge of the language, vocabulary, people they will address or read their article, be expressive and even know to change or module according to the crowd or place. I had my worst days during my last year when we had to present a seminar, I even fumble when speaking even after having it written. I do read a passage during Mass on the mic but not that expressive. When it comes to writing, I get many thoughts but when it comes to penning it down, I lack words or expression. I even have a bad habit of not proofreading what I write. I know, I need to proofread my content but I don't have the patience to read again and that is very bad for a writer. I am changing a bit but still need time. I hope to learn more from ISC and learn the art of writing through proper guidance.
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    I've loved writing since the beginning and it will always be my choice if there was an option between writing and speaking. While speaking I have done a couple of times as a student, giving a lecture on a topic in college, I am not wholly comfortable with it. Talking in day to day conversations is not a problem, even starting one with a stranger, and I can talk non-stop too if having a very warm and pleasant meeting, but the act of facing a roomful of people to address is not really my cup of tea.
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    For this question, my answer would be like this-
    I would like to go with the language skills. If you consider writing is a language skill, I would be a writer and if you consider speaking is a language skill, I would love to be a speaker.
    In case you are clear in your mind that both writing and speaking are language skills, I must say I am capable of both.

    To reduce your confusion I want to say that a person couldn't write till his mind speaks to him and a person couldn't speak till his hands write for him.

    Giving a clear answer to you, I want to further ask you what you have predicted with this?

    Let's enlighten paths with the ray of knowledge.
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