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    School after COVID-19

    Most of the schools are most likely to open in the month of August or September. Although, most of the schools nationwide are conducting online classes, they cannot conduct it so effectively. So, when the school begins, they should not begin to pressurize the students. They should complete the syllabus as prescribed by the board. So, some schools may pressurize the students even conducting classes on Sundays. So, the students feel pressurized and may not develop interest in studies. Some of the principals are so strict that they instruct teachers to give additional homework.

    So what is the role of teachers, students and parents to maintain equilibrium? What steps should government undertake to avoid this problem?
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    Students are in the houses only and they are attending online classes. But many of the students are taking easy. They are not able to concentrate on their studies. There are many reasons for that. Many of the students are waiting for the school to reopen. They may be happy to go to school. But all of a sudden if the teacher starts putting heavy pressure many people may get frustrated and they will not use their full potential in taking care of their studies. So the teachers should keep this point in mind and see that the students will be comfortable and go with full concentrations for studies to schools.
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    According to me, schools should not be opened until we see the COVID curve comes down. To save the economy, we unlocked the lockdown, due to which the number of infections and death raised. Now, by reopening the schools, the infection and death is likely to increase drastically and would go beyond control.
    Better late than never. We should avoid reopening the schools to contain COVID -19. Let us not be in a hurry to educate our children. Let us try and save our lives first, and think about education next.

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    What I feel that the present pandemic effect is going bad to worse in many states and there is no respite in those states which claimed to be normal and recovering. Moreover the school children are subject to immediate affecting to contamination of virus, therefore no parents would take the greater risk sending them to the schools as of these months. What I feel that the most of the primary sections would be avoided all through this academic year and the they would stand passed with online education and exams. However how the high school students are going to be treated is the big question here. As most of the classes not yet started with the hope that education department would give the go ahead for school openings. Even for them also a conducive atmosphere is needed free from virus and hence the schools may not open this year.
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    At present, all student are staying at home and studying through online due to covid-19. But most of the student don't feel comfortable in online classes. So they are not concentrating on studies. Mostly waiting for opening the school. If school reopen in August then at starting student may feel excitement because of opening after long time. But study pressure may be many more on student because of long time vacation. So teacher should be careful regarding studies so that student do not feel burden. Otherwise, student may show disinterest in studies. So parents should teach their children at home regularly so that study pressure shouldn't be more.

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    Let us not rake our brains now. The situations make us feel that school may open much later. Unless an effective medicine is found, or a good vaccine is discovered, or the rate of infections goes very low and tapering off or there is no fear of community spread, schools cannot reopen. Till then the alternatives like online teaching and learning has to continue. All concerned will be engaged and involved though to a reduced extent till then.

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    All pre-emptive steps are to taken before opening schools all over India as children are prone to get infected more than adult.

    Extra burden on teachers to complete the syllabus will affect study of students because teachers will focus on their own onus more than what their students comprehend.

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    It is human nature to hope for good. Whenever any calamity strikes we pray to the almighty to end it sooner. In the present situation many people are hoping that schools would open next month or things like that but I am afraid to tell that nothing of that sort is going to happen. As there is no drug or vaccine in sight., school might not open for quite some time may be at least another 3-4 months. We are going through a difficult situation and it is imperative that people have to take safety precautions in all their activities and all the places where crowd is present. It would be ideal if people do not form crowd and remain in isolation.
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