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    Fast, medium or slow - what is your choice?

    In our lives we opt for jobs or start our own business or agency depending on the opportunities available to us after completing our education. Then starts the work life for a long period until one gets old and gets retirement from that tiring and competitive work. People have different approaches to carry out a job. Some are really experts and smart in the sense that they complete the task very fast and in that process save some time for their personal indulgences elsewhere. Everyone cannot do that as it requires knowledge as well as dexterity in the work. Then there are normal workers who work in an average industry speed and they are neither outstanding nor slow in their work. The third category is the slow workers who work in a slow pace due to many reasons like their lack of confidence, dull minds, safety concerns, apprehension of doing something, waiting for decisions, lack of knowledge etc. If you are asked to do a job then in which category you feel that you would be able to discharge your duties? I find myself in medium category. It is somewhat a personal question so it is your option to tell that but otherwise you can give comments on this topic.

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    If I was asked to do a job, I will do that job at a speed where it will give good result but I will never violate the safety rules and regulations. Some jobs are easy and we may be able to do it the fastest way and complete the work. If the jobs require some additional precautions, there we may not be able to go as fast as we go for easy jobs. In some other cases, the conditions may be hazardous and we may have to be extra careful so our speed may come down. The speed will depend on the type of work also. So I think we should decide what is the optimum speed for a particular work and we should do that at that speed.
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    If I was tasked to perform a job, I would do it in my own time as per my capacity and capability. But if I was given a time frame to complete a job, I would strive hard to complete that job within that time frame. And I would ask for assistance if required, and If I cannot complete it within the time frame. It is better to keep medium pace than keeping fast pace or a dead slow pace.
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    In fact we must decide the fast , medium and slow in every walk of our life. Suppose when I sit for eating, I make fast eating and finish it within few minutes unlike many people they discuss the issues over the dining table and makes slow eating which is a bad habit. And when it comes to taking bath , we must be slow in approach and should not do urgency in bathing as the upkeep of our body is very serious matter and during this pandemic having two or more baths a day has become necessity to keep us clean and clear from virus and therefore slow bathing in detail is recommended. And when we are serving food to others, the serving should be on average speed as there are people who eat fast and slow and the entire people should be covered with our average way of serving the food without missing anyone.
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    As I work in teaching profession I have to use all the three options. If the students grasping is less I have to go at slow pace and if the students grasping is good I can choose medium pace. If the students are brilliant I can go at a faster pace. Suppose, if some time constraint occurs due to many holidays, I have to choose fast mode approach to complete the syllabus.

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    My output and effort will depend upon the necessities or exigencies or deadline. I will work to finish it within the deadline. Accordingly I will adjust the pace. But given full freedom and not under any pressure, I will be working at a moderate pace which will give optimum result in quantity and quality.

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    It is difficult to decide at which pace we might be completing work as every work in every career field is different. However, in general, if I have to categorize myself, I would say I am a medium pace worker. I do not prefer to speed up my work as it elevates my anxiety levels, especially when there is too much work pressure and I do not have a knowledge of it. Thus, medium-pace suits me a lot.

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    It all depends on my experience of handling the job. If I am quite experienced in the job then it will not take much time to complete the job and it can be done well within the time frame. Now, if I am not much aware of the job, I need to learn all the process of the job including the safety precautions one must take while carrying out the process. In the beginning, it may be slow but after being aware of the whole thing I will pace up things. I think many of us follow this approach depending on the situation. The third category of slow work which is mentioned in the thread will not lead to progress much because the approach has many negativities in it. I will prefer to choose a mixed approach depending on the situation and considering all other aspects associated with the job.

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    From the response of the fellow members it appears that most of the people are having medium speeds but at the same time it is also coming out that depending on the task and situation the person would adopt different speeds also. From this it emerge out that same person can have different speeds in different situations.
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    When we talk about the category, I would say, I fit in all of it. I am fast when it comes to organising anything or things that Iove. I am medium when it comes to professional or technical works as it needs a proper understanding of the base and also the requirement. I am very slow when it comes to family or relationship. It takes time to know the problem, understand it and then come to a conclusion. When we deal with relationships or family problems, it becomes difficult to find a solution as we need to make a way so that none is hurt or we don't break the trust of anyone. As per the people, situation and the work that we are dealing, we could say or comment about fast, medium and slow as a choice. It can be that some are fast in everything, some are medium in everything and some slow in everything but for me, I am different in handling different works that deal with different people or circumstances.
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    There are few people who can adopt their speed as per the occasion. Most of the people are habitually fast, medium or slow.
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    I am a medium speed worker and sometimes it could be even slow also. It depends on the type of work. I do not have a habit of working fast. I feel a lot of inconvenience in doing things in hurry. We have ample time in hand and then why to hurry. Many times hurry would spoil our efforts.
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    It all depends upon the type of work we get. If it is to be completed within the specified time, then we will have to work fast according to the needs. I am a medium worker where I need time to understand and work according to the timelines of the job. If we hurry on a job, it won't be as perfect as we have done in fast. Always understand the knowledge about work, then we can adjust according to tight deadlines.
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    I strongly feel that basic nature of the person remains same and it is occasionally that he might change his pattern of attempting a job with a different speed than usual to his nature.
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