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    If God creates all the mammals with brains like humans, how the life will be on earth?

    On the earth lakhs of varieties of animals existing successfully. Out of these, mammals are a group of well advanced, well organized, and highly evolved animals. Humans are highly evolved mammals who have a highly developed brain. But the other mammals have not such thinking and well-evolved brain like humans. Suppose if God creates all the mammals with the same powerful thinking brain like humans what will be the situation of life on earth. Mammals like lions, tigers, elephants, rats, deers, cows, etc. have thinking abilities like a man how they try to exist to lead their life safely on earth. Because they have a thinking brain these animals try to learn other's language and their feelings like we understand foreigners or other state people. Imagine and share the funny situation of existing such life on earth.

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    If that happens all animals also start deceiving others. An animal will kill another animal only when it requires food. If they get the brains they will start killing other animals to store their meat for a few days. They will also become greedy and they will also behave the way human beings are behaving. The discipline will not be there in the lives
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    If the God creates the brain even for the animals then the living for the human being would be at greater risk as the animals would be grouping to eliminate those human who are the cause for their tribe destruction. For example every Bakrid, there would be rush to buy the goat or sheep for the sacrifice and in Hyderabad we could see lakhs of goats are being sacrificed on the occasion. So if the animals were gifted with the minds of the people like us, they would communicate with each other and would even plan to run away from the farms during the captivities the penultimate day. And even the chicken would be forced to misbehave with the people who try to sell them for the ultimate sacrifice of the life. They would take vengeance against those who are trying to sacrifice them during festivities with choicest abuses.
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    In this connection, why God not gave similar brain to all other mammals even though most of the functional activities of the body are same in all mammals?

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    Then the clever humans will form a united front with them and gain power and then check them out cornering all power and possessions gradually.

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