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    It’s how you react that matters

    Different people have different strategies to fight with negative situations. The same problem can hurt different people differently. A man with a single hand can be more depressed than a man with no hands. So, it is like the sadness does not come from bad circumstances. It comes from bad thoughts. We should always keep positive thoughts about our life and life will become easy. If we think negatively even about a small issue, it will appear as one of the major issues of our life and we will not be able to go through it. So how we react to any situation decides the result. Our strong positive thoughts can make us win even conundrum situations. Share your views on the same.

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    The negative situations come from our thoughts and that is the main problem most of them are under depression and they are not able to come up from that situation. When one person judges other ones in a bad manner the concerned person will be getting bad comments and we need to consider whether we need it or not. When bad thoughts emerge into our mind it is better to take some work at home or indulge in any activities and thereby we can come out from such a situation. A few years back one of the Bollywood celebrity had a depression problem and she emerged out from it by taking the medicines properly and having positive mind throughout their life and she emerged as one of the best heroines in the industry.
    Frustration happens in everyone's life and we must not go down into it and always build some positive thoughts in our day to day life which can be helpful for our near future career.

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    Drive out the negative thoughts from your mind. You will be successful. Never see small problems in a magnifying glass. Think that you can come out of the problem successfully. You will win the situation. This is for sure. When you look at an issue with negative thinking you may find the issue as an unsolvable and useless issue. But if you see the same issue with positive thinking, the result will be different. Never think that it is impossible, think how can I do it.
    The mindset will be the key factor.

    always confident

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    Recently I saw a video clip of a reality show in a TV channel. It was about a 20 year old girl Shishna Anand, known as Helen Keller of Kannur . She cannot see, hear or talk. We will be touched and will feel ashamed about ourselves when we see what all things she has faced and now accomplished. At the time of show she was studying in Tenth class. She does her household chores, makes paper pens, flowers, knitted mats, artworks, umbrella. That is positivity to the core.
    The reality show presented her dance along with her dance master. It was unimaginable and made every one bow to her. The teacher also had no experience in teaching such students.
    Then how she understood the song and the expression and movement? That was the real touch. Herfather who learned the touch language for her made her understand the song and its meaning by touch. Then she will stay in touch with the dance teacher and coordinate her moves with the teacher(learning by touching each other). Now as she has learned-teacher said she was a great learner- she can coordinate with a slight touch each other.
    Then the anchor person conveyed the greetings and congrats from the audience which her father transmitted to her by touching her hand and fingers. She made a reply speech by touching her father's fingers and he interpreted it to the audience. Can positivity be explained more than this ?

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    Helen Keller and Stephen Hawking are the live examples of individuals who became great achievers even though they faced severe constraints of their body disabilities. Helen Keller was a deaf and blind girl while Stephen Hawking faced neuron syndrome from a young age where his body movements get paralyzed along with losing speaking ability. Despite these dreadful drawbacks, because of their strong will power, they became the most successful achievers in the world.

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    True, it is how we react to situations that matter. Life, as we all know, has its own ups and downs. Some times things will go favourably with us and sometimes just the opposite happens. It is how we cope up during the difficult times decides how successful we will be in leading a happy and contented life. Just like every dark cloud has a silver lining, we should remember that after our bad days will come good things too. To get defeated by hard times is the worst thing to happen. More we curse our bad days, more it is likely that things will continue to remain bad. The one who takes positively in a negative situation will be the first to recover. It takes a calm and cool mind to find solutions and that is possible with a positive frame of mind only.
    Patience and perseverance pays

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    We often say that we have to get rid of negativity and adopt a positive approach towards life to remain happy and contented. However, when it comes to behaving positively, we rarely do it and continue with our old method. A simple way to do that is to change the vocabulary. We say that I reacted as he/she hurt me. First of all, we have to understand that no one can distress us. It is our creation. Happiness or sadness is something that origins within the self. Instead of saying others hurt us. We should say that we have created hurt. This way we will own the responsibility and understand that our reactions are our creations.

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    Being human we have some emotions and sentiments and in some negative or conflicting situations we cannot keep a control on our temper and then the problem starts. The author has given a good advice but it is difficult to practice it.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Our thought process is very important in determining our mindset at any instant of time. People have different reactions to same thing as per their knowledge and thinking patterns. Everything can be seen as negative or destructive. There is ample scope for that. Prudent are those who see the brighter side. If we create negativity about anything it would boomerang on us with vehement force and destroy our peace of mind.
    Knowledge is power.

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