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    Whatever - the easy way out?

    Have you noticed how the word 'whatever' is used? You will use it when you are unsure of something and sort of are being vague.

    This is a really brief thread with no further explanations as I would like to know how often and when you have used this word!

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    When preferences are taken over we use this word but in meetings they prefer dress code.

    Breakfast scenario :
    When my mother asks me, what will you eat or what menu can we plan for the breakfast? I will reply whatever you prepare, it is accepted.

    Dressing up :
    We have to attend a family wedding or function, then I will be choosing which saree to wear, at that time my family suggests me whatever you like, you wear it.

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    Just look at this thread reference #702038 to see my recently used word ' Whatever'. I use this word 'Whatever' very frequently.
    Whatever we do - Whatever we think - Whatever happens - Whatever may be the reason - Whatever you want......
    There is no end to its use.

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    Yes, Sharada has given two good examples of the usage of the word whatever. Even though we may not realize, it is quite commonly used by us at home and in office. I think I must have heard our son using it quite often. He generally doesn't have too many preferences when it comes to food or wearing clothes. So whenever his mother asks him what will be his choice for breakfast, he replies nonchalantly, "Whatever you prefer mom". Same with his dresses too. He mostly wears what his mother decides for him. So even if you ask him, his standard reply will be "whatever you choose".

    I think the word 'whatever' has significance in the present circumstances too. Whatever restrictions the government might put to arrest the spread of the virus, people are still likely to care less about them.

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    After posting my last response above, I happened to look up a whatsapp message posted by my friend. It talks about Bhagavat Gita. There I found the word 'Whatever' written as below:

    Whatever happened,
    happened for the good;
    Whatever is happening,
    is happening for the good;
    Whatever will happen,
    Will also happen for the good only.

    So, Whatever is a very important word.

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    We use it so often and it is very useful. During discussions, I use it sometimes in the sense that even after listening to the other person I have my views like that. For example I would say - 'Whatever you say, I still feel that we should not go there.'
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    What is mentioned in the responses is mainly using the word when facing an option. However, what I am trying to also convey is that we tend to take the easy way out by using this word when we just don't wish to take a firm stand or to avoid conflict. Suppose there is a quarrel that is needlessly getting stretched with back and forth views, we may suddenly get fed up and say "Whatever!" just to end the quarrel. We may even use it when we don't want to take sides when asked for an opinion on somebody's suggestion at a meeting. Just so we don't want to offend the boss or our colleague, we may shrug our shoulders and say "Whatever", implying that we are ok with whatever the decisions will be. That way, if the suggestion does not work out well, we feel that we are safe from receiving any backlash.
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    It is not as you think about 'Whatever'. Whatever means - Let it be anything. It is a word that has no choice to choose. We cannot simply end saying "Whatever!" (With an exclamatory sign). It would be incomplete.
    Whatever may be = Let it be anything.
    Whatever happens = Let anything happen
    Whatever you say = Anything you say..........

    The above is - Whatever I learned about Whatever..

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    It can be used when we do not have any preference and shall accept any one given to us. It is also used to specify a pre-condition to be fulfilled in the choice to be selected.
    1. Money, vessels, food items, clothes, whatever you give now will be quite helpful to them.

    2. Whatever you present in the meeting should be reflect your knowledge on the subject andbe clear to all the members.

    3. Whatever be your pleadings I am not goingto condone your mistake.

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    Whatever! (with the exclamation mark) is used I think from time to time. It is equivalent to rolling one's eyes, maybe accompanied by throwing up one's hands, isn't it?
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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