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    The role of practical education in strengthening the democracy.

    We are the biggest democracy in the world and are the prime promoter of the notion of democracy where the rule is derived from the people rather than being vested in the hands of few. But the symbolism of democracy by the speeches, the selfies with an inked finger, the media's hue and cry don't really strengthen the democracy. Like I said the democratic structure derives its power from the citizens and unless the citizens are fully aware and emphatic about the structure, the democracy cannot reciprocate much with the citizens' expectations. We have adult franchises starting from 18 years but if we see the people around they have no idea that what is the basic principle they should follow while giving their precious votes. Amidst the noise of parties' ideology, the media's less qualitative news depiction, and the generational backwardness to understand the federal, Republic, and constitutional structure we are just the passive supporter of democracy in action.
    The biggest drawback starts from the educational system where we are proudly democratic in theory. We read civics in school, rote the Constitutional articles, make notes on public administration but these have nothing to do with the development of conscience related to the governance. The day we leave the schools these contents just get trapped in the books. And all of a sudden we turn 18 and we represent democracy passively. Just like other subjects like science we have not cultivated the governance philosophy to be taught through daily life examples. Like in our homes we can relate what is democracy means in action if it exists or not. The philosophy behind articles, the intent behind certain reservations, the importance of many selection processes of leaders can be taught to children by arranging classroom activities, organizing plays, and connect with the environment to make children social in addition to being just analytical.
    In terms of rationality, science and other technical subjects are being given much weightage, not these subjects. With the advent of much younger global age, our children have to be made philosophically aware to save them from irrational and exploitative narratives.
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    If we do it then it practically comes to teaching Political science, Civics, and other subjects which are already being taught in the schools. But in higher classes we cannot do it as science students would be burdened with additional load.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Unfortunately the importance of votes and our rights to franchise is not explained to the students at the right earnest. Invariably we see many eligible young ones and even the elders are skipping the election process with a statement that my vote does not going to matter. And this negative thought is making 40 percent of the voters just enjoying their holiday and not going to vote. This includes even the Industrialists and businessman who wants larges to grow and expand the business through the political decisions but they would not vote. Still the practical education to strengthen the role of democracy in India is at infant stage.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A good thought put forward by the author. I think we are already having some of such activities in the schools and only thing is it is to be strengthened further to reap the benefits of these learnings in the future when the child becomes a full fledged citizen of the country.
    Knowledge is power.

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    I appreciate the thought of the author. People should understand the basics of Political science and Civics, issues so that they will understand the importance of democracy and the importance of their roles in this democratic country. Many people will not understand the value of their vote and they will go be waste issues instead of thinking about the ill effects of the wrong casting of votes. If once we can overcome this problem we will have a better government and we will really enjoy the benefits of democratic government.
    always confident

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