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    Life is not a 100-metre race but a hurdle race

    In a 100-metre race, the sprinters have a flat running track. While the eyes must be on the finishing line, winning depends upon the athlete's speed in comparison to the competitors in the race. Thus, winning a 100-metre sprint is dependent upon one's timing in the race, but human life is very different from it. The journey of human beings is not at all smooth. The track on which people has to travel to achieve their goals is not a plain track like the one in a 100-metre race, but it is similar to the route of a hurdle race.

    Unlimited obstructions like physical, psychological, financial, educational or something else work as a deterrent in people's life. It does not mean that people have to give up, but they work harder to confront the hurdles. Most of the people have to fight with different circumstances to prove their worth. It requires a tremendous amount of patience, hard work, determination and will to achieve. They are succeeding, so one must focus on winning the journey of life by keeping in mind how to overcome the obstacles which might arise. So, be cool and calm with a firm intention to face all the blockages until one gets success.

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    Life is a long race with hurdles. To run it we need stamina and consistency. Each hurdle has to be overcome very carefully.

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    @Venkiteswaran Sir,

    Exactly, every person has to face the challenges in life. Life is not free-flowing. To achieve success, one has to cross all the barriers, and for that, a person must have patience, energy and desire. It is indeed like a hurdle race and not like a 100-metre race.


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    Life is never a smooth journey. It is full of hurdles and difficulties. At the same time everyone is not facing same number of difficulties. This creates a bit of confusion as why I get so many problems but my neighbour does not. It is said that some people are born lucky and have a relatively smoother life while others might had difficulties in their lives now and then. Whatever it is the journey of life is not a 100% smooth ride.
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    Life is not a running race. By running fast we can't have a peaceful life and we will fulfil all our desires. The road of our life is not a plain road. It will have dips and bumps. We should be careful while travelling on this road and we should cross them carefully. If we ignore or if we do not notice them we will be having many more problems. So never take the problems lightly and understand them and then overcome them. Then only our journey will be smooth. The problems of different nature and how we overcome them will depend on the individual and his way of life. Life is a complex race with many hurdles.
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    I would say that "Life is not a 100-metre sprint race but a steeplechase race. The steeplechase race has seven complete laps/circuit and each circuit has four ordinary barriers and one water jump which totals to 28 ordinary barriers and seven water jumps. Our life does not have a confirmed circuit and thus we cannot tell about the barriers or jumps that we may have to take. Some may have a short race and some runs a long-distance race, some have fewer barriers and some may have more, some have fewer jumps while some may find jumps at regular intervals. One should train self to overcome every barrier and jumps so that he/she may be able to finish the race called life with a content note. Let us not run away from the race but embrace it and be prepared to face any hurdles that come our way and set an example for others.
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