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    Eco-friendly and Zero-waste Alternatives of Kitchen Wares and Restaurants

    Nowadays plastic has become part of everybody's lives. We can't think to live without this. Plastics intervenes in every field from the kitchen to industry. It has been reported in rainwater, groundwater, ocean water, the ice of Antarctica and even in marine aquatic animals which are being consumed by human beings in the form of micro-plastic. It makes our life easy, but it is deteriorating our life and its side effects can be easily noticed.

    Every day we see it through newspapers, electronic media and social media. Plastic has almost occupied our whole kitchen. It has been involved from food production to preparation and a new issue of discussion has arrived about plastic in the food industry.

    Because of its toxic effects, some start-ups came up with new ideas which even not only keep us away from this toxic substance but also reduce plastic in our day-to-day life and helping us to minimize plastic waste on our earth. Use of plant-based and earthen material will not only help to protect our environment but also preserve our culture and boost our health because these products having medicinal properties, antioxidants and micro-nutrients/minerals which are the necessities of our body.

    Some ideas which are getting popularity in our aware societies are:
    Dona, Plates and food packaging materials made up of Plant's leaves are a good alternative of thermocols and plastics. These disposable natural products are used to serve food and after use, they can be used as manure in the field due to bio-degradable in nature and there are no side effects to human and environment. Earthen pots as kitchen wares are also taking place in Indian kitchens. Some start-up are manufacturing these products in India and also exporting their products to other countries by providing job opportunities to the locals. These pots retain or add minerals in our cooked food and keep it preserve for some more time. After use, they can be disposed of in an eco-friendly manner. Manufacturing of eatable restaurants dinnerware has also been started and it is zero waste product which is manufactured using wheat bran and other plant-based materials and can be eaten after a meal.

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    Disposable items are mostly made up with plastic only and are being used by the people in large quantities as in each function whether big or small we see that a large waste of these disposable material is created which of course is a great threat to the environment. Now many agencies have come up to replace these plastic items with other materials which are environment friendly and if we start using them there is no reason why we would not reduce the environmental pollution. Many start ups are coming ahead with newer and newer ideas in this field.
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    Metal containers and metal utensils are much better in the kitchen instead of plastic items. Glass containers can be used. But these days we see many plastic containers only. So one should understand the need and start using other material in place of plastic containers.
    Some awareness is coming and people slowly started using non-plastic items. But still, a long way to go. In some restaurants, we see the usage of clay glasses and clay water jugs. They use Banana leaves for serving food and use metals containers and they are avoiding plastic anywhere. This is a good initiative and many people should come into this way.

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    We all have heard, read or seen on television about the effect of plastic from rainwater, groundwater, ocean water, the ice of Antarctica, human health, environment, etc. We are so used to the use of plastic in our daily life that we find no other alternative so cheap and reliable than plastic that is easily available and easy to use.

    We had many posts and threads that highlighted the plastin ban issues in our site like When can the usage of plastic bags be fully banned? , What is the alternative to plastic? , Correct implementation of Plastic ban , Is it right to ban useful plastic and polythene carry bags? and Not just plastic carry bags, but sachets and tubes also should be banned or restricted?

    We all want to ban the use of plastic but we are left with few alternatives that give a better option than plastic. When the government is trying their best to ban plastic but they have not stopped companies to stop using plastic to wrap their goods, their products, etc. The complete ban can only be bought about when we can have a good alternative for it that will be cheap, reliable and eco-friendly.

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