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    Life is a flute with holes and hollowness-but lovely music comes out of it

    When we as someone 'How are you', most of them may answer' "Ah! Just going on"; or its equivalent in any local language. Those who want to reply as a formality may say "Fine. How are you?" Very rarely do you get a confident "Very nice, I am quite happy and healthy".
    Why this semi or total unhappy mood is seen in people generally, more than happiness? When and how will they be happy? Most feel that God did not give them enough-whether it is good looks, wealth, health, career or family. How they come to such a conclusion is by comparing themselves to others. The one, who does not compare himself with others, will feel that he is happier and better than yesterday. He feels that this life is a gift from God. It has everything in it, though it may appear differently. It is for him to make it the best.

    In a cooking competition even if the ingredients are given same each person may make different dish or even f it is same dish it will taste different. Similarly we only can give the required taste to our life.
    A flute comes with many holes and hollowness inside. But from that only lovely enchanting music come out. We know that even the animals and bird too got enchanted and enjoyed by Lord Krishna playing the flute. We all should be happy and content and bring out the best music from the flute called our life.

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    Good thread. You related the life with the flute. In fact, it is stupid to ask someone 'How are You?' In Tamil, most people ask 'Soukiyama?' (Are you well?) Should we ask a person who is looking healthy and hearty 'Are you well?'
    If the person is not well, he would say that he was not well. It is like asking a person who is doing something "Hey What are you doing? knowing well what he is doing. I don't think the westerners talk in this way. They just say a simple 'Hello' and smile. And go ahead with their conversation.
    Instead of asking 'How are You or Soukiama', we can please the person with some good words like 'Hello, Nice to see you - nice to meet you - very pleased to see you '

    Once, during a function, a guy who was sitting near Dr. Kalaignar M Karunanidhi asked him, Ayya, Soukiyama? Dr Replied, "Just because I am well, I am here. If I was unwell, I would be sitting at home." The guy felt as he was slapped by him.

    So, my suggestion is - Don't ask 'How are You or Soukiyama' but say 'Hello, Happy to see/meet you'

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    It is a lovely thread by the author depicting the importance of holes in the flute. If there were no holes, it would be impossible to use flute as a musical instrument. Similarly, why should we shift our focus only on the adversities of our life? Rather we should make best out of everything. Only those of us will turn victorious and remain happy who never complain, compare and whose focus is completely on their journey. Those of us who persistently look at others will feel under blessed and cry about all those things which they do not possess. Thus, let's remain happy and contented with what we have and make the best use of it.

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    A flute is hollow with holes but gives good music but if the same notation is given, anyone playing it will sound the same. In the same way even in life, looking at life is different at different time, different circumstances and at a different approach. Some may always be positive, let any situation crop up. Some may be always negative, even though he/she thas the best but will always have a negative attitude. Some take it as neutral and would be same in every situation. Some fear life and would be worrying even if small problems arrive. Some are very vibrant, he/she would face problems as a challenge and would always be seen smiling. It is like life is same as the flute with hollowness and holes but what notation he gets or plays differs. Let us try to make good music from the instrument called life and enjoy the music than complaining about it. It can be that through practice, we can become a better player and then change the music to our requirement.
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    True. A good comparison of life with a flute. The music that comes out from a flute will depend upon the artist who is playing that. A good artist can use his fingers efficiently to close and open the wholes and sees that good music comes from that. Similarly in our life also God has given us many opportunities and your life will depend on the way you utilise those opportunities,
    If we know how to convert our weaknesses as strengths, we will have a better life. The quality of the food depends on the cook who made it. The sweetness of the music that comes from a flute depends on the musician. The way how we lead our life will be in our hands only.

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    A beautiful thread depicting the similarity between life and a flute. I never thought it this way. Life has many holes in it but it is up to us how we manage to get beautiful music out of it. In fact, if there will be no holes, there will not be any such music.

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    Life is not enjoyable if it is filled completely with happiness or completely with difficulties. Life should be a mixture of both happiness and difficulties and then only we really enjoy life. The value of happiness we realize only when we know about difficulties. Even though the flute has hollowness and holes in it, it helps to give soothing music to our ears when we blow air through it.

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    A good thought of comparing life to flute and cooking competition. Such as small instrument makes melodious music, it soothes our mind.

    We should be capable of bringing various notes like happiness, facing challenges, listening to elders, solving problems and so on.

    It is also noticed that when we say "we are fine", people also come to conclusions that we are wealthy too.

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    Life is full of struggles, tough times and difficulties and we have to face this to progress ahead and carve out a path. So we have to take them as the part and parcel of this process and try to be happy and enjoy it like playing a flute which has so many holes and hollowness. Good thread by the author.
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