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    Working piecemeal would never be fruitful

    Some people do not take up a job in its entirety. They feel that even if a part of that is done that might suffice time being and then they would see whether to continue further or not. This approach is not beneficial because a job might contain many important elements and if we do no give weight age and consideration to all of them then the desired result would not be achieved. There are no short cuts for doing a job or completing a task. It has to be executed fully. Short cut and piecemeal approaches would never be fruitful while taking up various jobs or tasks in our lives. What do the members think about this?

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    Many people want to adopt to short cuts and think that they would save time and energy by doing so. Unfortunately that does not work often as a partial completion of a job will not be acceptable by the higher ups as well as the other people who are affected by it. Let us do our work with full involvement and devotion and not in a neglectful way. If we do in a half hearted mode then we ourselves would not be satisfied the output.
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    There is a legend story in a famous legend book in Malayalam "Aithihyamaala". There is a story in that book which very aptly explains the futility of work in piecemeal.
    One person had gone to visit another person. On reaching the house the servant said his master is doing Ganesh pooja. The man who came just sat at the back yard. After sometime he again asked the servant and the servant told master is now doing Vishnu pooja. It went on like this as Shiv Pooja, Devi Pooja etc. To while away his time this man was digging a small hole on earth with a stick.
    At last the master person came. When he saw a number small soles on the soil dug b the person, he jocularly remarked 'had you dug it as single pit it would have become a well' The other man quipped" I also want to tell same to you. Had you done the different Poojas to the same deity, you would have been blessed by now".

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    It depends on the nature of the Job. It depends on Time. It depends on Health. It depends on the Economy. It depends on Availability and Resources. There are jobs that can be completed in one GO. And there are jobs that can be completed only in piecemeal.

    In ISC, we are at piecemeal working and earning of Rs. 1/2/5. We cannot make Rs. 600/- in one go, to be eligible for payment on the 1st of the month. Yet we are satisfied with that piecemeal working and earning.
    But in an ISC contest, we can participate with full josh to win a big prize to be satisfied fully.

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    What I wanted to convey from the word piecemeal is half hearted attempt in doing something and attempting it partially thinking that it would suffice. If the job is very small then there is no point in doing it piecemeal as it would be done in one go.
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    Travelling on two boats is very dangerous and risky. Keep both the legs in one boat only at a time. Then you are sure of your safe journey. In the same attempting many works and not completing even a small work also is a waste of time and people will lose their confidence in the person who is not concentrating on the work he is doing. So attempting much work at a time is not advisable. Attempt a work and complete the work and then go for another work. That is why piecemeal work is not good and that will take you nowhere. But we should prioritise the tasks and the works which are the need of the hour should be attempted.
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    My point was that some people have only one task in hand but that also they want to cut short by attempting it partly and that is not actually desired.
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